Animal Medicine

​​Most Native American people were / are aware that all of life is sacred. If they took something from nature, it would be only for food, shelter, and/or clothing and they would be sure to use every part of animals, leaving nothing to waste. Asking first for permission from the animal's spirit and sometimes even giving a gift back, if only a prayer of thanks to Great Spirit ~ the Creator of the Earth who inhabits everything ~ they held a deep reverence for the spirit (energy) of all.

​​Animals, specifically, were respected as equal to humans and animal guides would find their way to ​​tribal members. Each animal has it's own kind of energy or (medicine), so paying attention to the animals that show up in our lives can often be a great source of wisdom and connect us to what Great Spirit is endeavoring to impart to help us on our current Earth journeys.​​

Every seed is awakened and so is all animal​​

life. It is through this mysterious power that

we too have our being and we therefore