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Animal Medicine

​​Most Native American people were / are aware that all of life is sacred. If they took something from nature, it would be only for food, shelter, and/or clothing and they would be sure to use every part of animals, leaving nothing to waste. Asking first for permission from the animal's spirit and sometimes even giving a gift back, if only a prayer of thanks to Great Spirit ~ the Creator of the Earth who inhabits everything ~ they held a deep reverence for the spirit (energy) of all.

​​Animals, specifically, were respected as equal to humans and animal guides would find their way to ​​tribal members. Each animal has it's own kind of energy or (medicine), so paying attention to the animals that show up in our lives can often be a great source of wisdom and connect us to what Great Spirit is endeavoring to impart to help us on our current Earth journeys.​​

Every seed is awakened and so is all animal​​ life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being and we therefore yield to our animal neighbors the same right as ourselves, to inhabit this land.

~ Sitting Bull

I am very blessed to live in an area that still has much wildlife, so I'm often able to connect with animal wisdom. Yesterday, I went on a long hike and saw many squirrels, a deer, a grouse, 2 fox, and a bald eagle. So, after this morning's meditation, I looked up each of these animals in my book to see if there was any messages for me from these animals and discovered quite a lot that could really help me now.

However, during travel or winter, opportunities to connect are limited so after meditation, I will do a card reading. "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams David Carson is my most treasured and worn deck. Even if I see a dead animal, I will "tune in" to see if the "Contrary" message in the book is meant for me. Sometimes I'll get a yes, and sometimes a no. I just need to be very honest of and in touch with my own inner self and path.

Below, I'll share some of my insights from this morning with you here, to give you an idea of how to intuitively interpret the messages you might get from animals crossing your path. I'll share a picture of the cards also, so you can see how beautiful they are.


-- Lakota Thank You for reading my blog

-- Cherokee Amen to Native traditions and listening to the animals speak

~ Many blessings to your more expanded connection with life,

your intuition, and Great Spirit! ~


Squirrel: "Buries food for winter, is playful and full of joy."

"Gathering for the future / a rainy day but being happy about it -- not "going nuts". Readying for change by lightening the load of thoughts, feelings, worries, pressures, stresses, or gadgets. Creating a safe place to put the things you gathered, including your untroubled heart and mind. Know all will be taken care of in Divine right order."

I've personally been through a great deal of challenge and change for a few years and need to prepare for the new that's trying to come in by going through belongings, letting go of the past (including some people who only drag me down) and to fill myself with the peace that only comes from an untroubled heart and mind.

Deer: "Always alert for danger. Males grow regrow antlers so invoke also for renewal."

"Gentleness to touch hearts and minds of wounded beings trying to keep us from Sacred Mountain. Be warm and caring. If you connect with Sacred Mountain (your place of serenity) Great Spirit will guide you."

Time to renew myself from all I've been through... to heal and go into my sacred place for renewal.

Also, great validation for my attempts to be gentle with a wounded person that is ALWAYS alert to danger and perceives danger is there, even when it's not. This person was obviously triggered and started calling me names earlier that morning, yet I did not respond back in anger. I must renew myself from that energy. *I learned many years back, this person's spirit animal was deer also.

Grouse: "Sacred spiral -- uses that dance in courtship -- ritual, and ceremony."

"The sacred spiral is a symbol of birth, rebirth, and personal power. Good to do a meditation that uses that swirling energy and also analyze how you are moving through your life and if that movement is compatible with your goals and desires."

I've been spending far too much time this past couple of years attempting to assist a soul friend to achieve the spiritual growth they said they wanted. I felt they expected me to do all the inner work to hold the relationship together and that isn't honoring or respectful of my own time, value, worth, or energy. I do a meditation where I swirl out all negative energies ~ particularly those not belonging to me ~ something we could all benefit from, in my humble opinion. [We often unconsciously take on the energy of others and don't know how great we really can feel by letting those energies go.] I felt this card was telling me to do this meditation and rid myself of any further pain from how I've allowed this person to treat me. To more deeply let go and surrender that I can't ever help someone who isn't showing their words with action and isn't being honest with themselves, or doing their part of the dance.

Fox: "Clever, adaptable, resourceful, camouflage, and wit."

"Become like the wind, unseen but weaving through any situation or location. Observe others acts and not their words and be silent about who or what you are observing. After watching for a time, you can predict situations and make your move fast. Fox can keep others from stampeding a friend."

A person in my life used all the "right" words -- but acted very badly. They didn't follow their words with action. If I told them, they'd just camouflage themselves better the next time. Yet over time they have become predictable and I was finally prepared to act immediately myself. Another person in my life says all the "wrong" words, but acts very well most of the time (besides yelling.) I am to silently observe which person embodies the truth -- if either.

I also stepped in to protect a friend recently from someone I felt was "stampeding" them.

Eagle: "Courage, fortitude, shamanic powers, illumination, inner vision. Inspires our spirit to soar to great heights.

"Connection to Great Spirit, ability to live in the world -- but not of it. Ability to see the overall view

and patterns of life. Represents grace through hard work, understanding, and completion of tests of initiation. It's only through trust that the right to use Eagle medicine is earned by fiercely attacking personal fears of the unknown. Feed body and soul and co-create with Great Spirit. Reconnect with the mental plane and higher mind. Wisdom comes in strange and curious forms. If walking in shadows, Eagle brings illumination... to love shadow as well as light. When you see beauty in both, you will take flight. Legalize freedom and follow your joyous hearts desires." Interestingly, Eagle is my personal animal totem given to me by many years ago with the Spirit words: Wisdom, Hope, and Healing. This was a true gift, because that knowledge helped me through the shadow passage ~ or initiation ~ I've been going through for a few years and am hoping to rise out of one day and take flight. I've had to really -- not attack -- but eat my deepest fears -- by feeling and not resisting them. Loving the shadows as well as the light. I can see the overall view and the patterns, but this connecting way, isn't the way it's done in this very masculine [patriarchal] world of separating things out into little boxes. I've so often felt like a "stranger in a strange land" carrying so much overall, visionary, feminine energy.

The person who hurt me this time, had hurt me in many other times and I did hold a lot of fear about them. However, now see them as a very weak and unable to touch me, emotionally or psychologically -- unless I allow it. Major change. This was the last animal I saw of the day and I feel it was showing me I had arrived through facing all this with courage. Time to soar to greater heights!

Song of Myself by Walt Whitman

I think I could turn and live with animals, they're so placid and self-contained, I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition, They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins, They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God, Not one is dissatisfied,

not one is demented with the mania of owning things, Not one kneels to another,

nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago, Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.

Always remember, cards, a book, Google, are only starting places for animal wisdom... listen inward as Spirit always and in all ways is communicating. You may get an entirely different and profound message just for you!

For those interested, who have a locally-owned bookstore, be sure to support your local economy,

but for those others ~ or if you wish to read about them ~ here's a link:

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