Self-Actualization Is?

The world is definitely changing now. We all feel it, sense it, see it... but what do we do about it? What's worth keeping and what needs to be changed?

For many years humanity has been operating in survival consciousness. The most important things were putting a roof over our heads, food in our mouth, etc., and of course that is important as we cannot reach for anything higher without having our base level needs met -- or can we?

​Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

​It may not seem this way to many, but from my perspective, anything less than a one-on-one connection with our higher being is operating from fear and survival mode. Religion doesn't inspire us to follow our own intuition, heart, and logic or put us in the driver's seat ~ but provides someone else for us to listen to and follow. Certainly that's helpful at times, but our paths are so varied and unique, how can one way be right in every moment for all? Basic things like not lying or stealing, etc. are a very good foundation, but if we wish to rise from the foundation ~ from the bottom of the pyramid ~ we have to go out on your own and leave our parents sometime, don't we?

In the past, few people were able to achieve self-actualization, but currently, many people are choosing to reach that higher place, so... how are they doing it?

Is It Really Bottom Up,