The Alchemy of Love

A true alchemist is someone who transforms everything with love

Is it time to change priorities?

To elevate our spiritual or soul needs

to be first ~ the main course,

not just some afterthought ~ a side dish?

What are our spiritual needs?

To uncork the flow of love coming in?

To allow source energy to penetrate us?

To listen and feel everything?

How do we do that?

Is that what meditation truly is?

Taking time to refuel?

To fill up with the light and energy of who we truly are?

Do we have to sit still to meditate,

or can we dance or walk and

just breathe deeply and intend

to connect and allow

whatever is being given or shown

when our mind is out of the way?

Does this require larger trust?

That connecting and being with the stream

of who we really are every day

will bring about our highest and best more rapidly?

That our material needs will be met

because we will be more intelligent,

dis-ease free, abundant, and

compassionate beings?

Can we love ourselves that much?

Do we make that connection to "get" something outside us?

Or just to bask in our own internal glory?

To be who we truly are when not in these bodies ~

the innocent and loving energetic being we were ~

before the world told us how to be?

Can we then create a brand new world ~

one filled with love for ourselves first ~

so we can share it?

What is love?

Is it doing what everyone else wants?

Saying what everyone agrees with? Never hurting anyone's feelings?

Is it always soft and squishy or romantic?


Is it being in truth, trust, and clarity?

Is it being authentic; vulnerable,

having an open heart;

being willing to feel hurt, grief, anger, sadness...

and not take it out on another?

To know that pain is a given,

suffering optional?


Can we allow all feelings to move through us?

Not believing we are letting them flow

but then blocking, hiding, distancing from them

and having them get stuck deep inside our bodies

aging us on all levels?

Can we be honest enough with ourselves

to know the difference? Is that what dis-ease is then?

A blocking of the subtle energy of which we came?

What if we un-dam that flow?

What then?

What if we all did?

Let ourselves be loved that much?

Can we truly feel all that comes our way ~

allow everything

and in this allowing, the challenges cease?

Can we sit with grief, sadness, fear, pain

and not get stuck there?

Just know that everything always changes

and it changes more rapidly when we allow

what is important for us to feel in the now?

Is then love allowing and accepting?

Not fight, flight, freeze, or fuze with others? Not even seeking, fixing, or changing?

But what if being in union

with the wholeness of who we are ~

light and shadow ~

we transform automatically? What if applying love to all that is

puts everything in it's right order?

We can love others

and still choose to not be around them...

but our accepting and allowing ~

our love ~

will change them...

and our love for ourselves ~

filling with the light of who we truly are

changes us. Maybe one day when we have all done this ~

loved all of us and others ~

learning through shadow or pain will cease?

But for now... while there are still things hidden

inside ourselves and the other...

maybe we ought to just embrace all feelings?

Love transforms everything!

It is the ultimate alchemy

and you are the ultimate alchemist

of everything in your life.

Here's to transforming

by not transforming,

but by being in union ~

acceptance, allowing, and compassion ~

with all that is.

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