The Alchemy of Love

A true alchemist is someone who transforms everything with love

Is it time to change priorities?

To elevate our spiritual or soul needs

to be first ~ the main course,

not just some afterthought ~ a side dish?

What are our spiritual needs?

To uncork the flow of love coming in?

To allow source energy to penetrate us?

To listen and feel everything?

How do we do that?

Is that what meditation truly is?

Taking time to refuel?

To fill up with the light and energy of who we truly are?

Do we have to sit still to meditate,

or can we dance or walk and

just breathe deeply and intend

to connect and allow

whatever is being given or shown

when our mind is out of the way?

Does this require larger trust?

That connecting and being with the stream

of who we really are every day

will bring about our highest and best more rapidly?

That our material needs will be met

because we will be more intelligent,

dis-ease free, abundant, and

compassionate beings?