Bloom From the Inside Out

Like flowers we can, and need to, bloom from the inside out.

Yet it takes takes some good ingredients:

  • love (energy) from the sun (Father Sky)

  • food from Mother Earth

  • water

  • shelter from those who would trample on us

  • to sway with the breezes

  • to breathe in nature's splendor

Tender loving care from ourselves foremost, and others who see our soul and wish that beauty to reveal itself.

Not those who would seek to pluck us from our healthy vine, admire our beauty for a second and proceed to pluck our petals out one by one.

But those who would encourage, empower, and help us shine brightly.

Many of those around us might not know what hurts us. If they don't ask, or do, but don't listen.

Therefore, we must use those situations to look within at our triggers and wounds until they are all gone.

To become stronger... not armored, but true strength and wisdom. Until we can lift right out of there with renewed energy. Empowered from the inside, which can transform others also, leaving us not having to move at all.

Unlike flowers, we have a choice and the best choice always is to focus inside ~ not on others ~ whom we can't do anything about. That's the way we keep ourselves stuck... and then blame them, which is not wisdom at all.

When the rain comes... let it wash you clean

of debris from others, from the past, from the world.

You don't need fixing...

just removing the mud from your petals.

Accept and love all that is

and choose to grow your spirit.

That will cause you to shine more brightly

from the inside out, and everything else will be taken care of for you.


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