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A Beginner's Guide to Energy Transformation

What Are We When Not In Bodies?

As evidenced by those reporting “out of body” experiences ~ both in the dream state and upon a “near death” type experience, and those who do believe in a "heaven", we continue on, in some form, after leaving our physical body. Most people who believe in God ~ or whatever word they wish to use – Love, Universe, Creator, God / Goddess, The Infinite, All That Is, The Divine, Source, etc., do indeed believe, or know deeply within that we exist past death. However, they rarely identify what part of us continues on?

So, if it is true that a portion of us leaves our physical vessel upon death and travels somewhere, then what would we be made of? Energy? Then, is this what we REALLY are? If so, does it make sense to continue to only focus on physical transformations, and not the energetic first?

Now, I’m not saying that sometimes our challenges are only physical. If we got hit by a bus, our physical body would be seriously suffering and need IMMEDIATE attention. Yet, beyond those types of emergency situations, wouldn’t it make more sense to concentrate on the true, core, or spiritual essence (energy) part of ourselves for the deepest and most long-lasting transformations? I believe so and have seen and experienced many examples of that.

Healing of The Energy Body – Can It Change the Physical?

So, I hear you saying, “Well, if I have a pain in my right shoulder”, then that’s physical, right? What in the world am I going to do to correct that with energy when it truly is in my shoulder? Wouldn’t it best to get some analgesic cream to rub on it – go in for a chiropractic adjustment – or take a pain medication? Well, perhaps those things wouldn’t hurt – because the energy has settled inside the physical body. However, what if we could get that pain to leave and not come back? Wouldn’t that be best?

If we can imagine for a moment that we are an energetic being first and physical second... what if when we were hit by that bus, not only did it traumatize the physical shoulder, but what if the energy or angel body took on “memory” of that physical trauma? Where is that memory stored? If it were only in the tissues, then all the above might relieve the pain immediately, but how many of us have had an accident and thought the problem was gone and 25 years later, it cropped back up again – or some random pain started happening in our body without an accident of any kind. What then?

Energetic Trauma?

Does trauma only come from physical encounters or from energy -- feelings, thoughts, and beliefs also? We’ve heard of people being emotionally abused and that can create even more trauma than physical, because others do not see and respond to our internal pain. We’ve also heard about babies being born with disorders. Yes, some of them might be something gone wrong in utero – but what if there was energy stuck in their field from another time that needs release? Is it possible there are things we can do to release it? What about grief? Everyone knows how much they grieve when a loved one or pet dies – what if that grief settles into an area of our body and the only way to release it from our energy field is through changing that feeling, thought, or belief (energy) about the perceived death and loss? Did they really die after all, or just change location?

Earth School and Contrast

Most of us believe that Earth is a school and that we are here to grow, experience, and learn. Sometimes the learning is fun: riding a horse, eating a delicious meal, traveling, learning a subject we enjoy, being hugged by someone we really love ~ and sometimes the learning is challenging: finding out our child, spouse, or friend has a problem we can’t help them with, money and relationship challenges, loss of our occupation or home, dis-ease of any kind, etc. Think of the most difficult experiences of your life? Then think of the most fun thing you ever did. Which grew your soul – your heart – your loving nature -- the most?

If our Creator wished us to grow from all light and wonderful, wouldn’t we have been given a white room and a white crayon upon arrival? We were given instead a world of polarity: light and dark, day and night, masculine and feminine, good and bad, right and wrong and through this contrast are our opportunity to create, grow, experience, and learn. The more we accept this, and stop judging ourselves and the challenging times we all have, the quicker we can release them. Unfortunately, we cannot heal what we do not feel. Resisting through fight, flight, or freeze patterns: eating, running away, distancing from others, refusing to talk, refusing to see or feel ~ creates blockages in our energetic system and dis-ease ~ illness – which will eventually take our lives. Is it possible that we might live a much longer life, with less pain if we were able to accept and allow it all. If we could feel it all and heal (grow)?

Does Running From Pain Work?

I met someone once who did everything they could to just stay in pleasure… they didn’t want to deal with anything that was painful, challenging, or growing. Whenever an opportunity to see / feel / and deal with something arose, they ran off or said, “What do I have to do to make this go away?” Now, I completely understand not wanting to feel pain – particularly emotional pain. Sometimes we must confront pieces of ourselves we don’t like, or were taught not to like. It’s obviously easier when triggered emotionally to blame someone else for MAKING us feel something, when logically, no one can make us feel anything. Perhaps we need to see something inside and love it back to wholeness and are just being resistant to changing the only person we can do anything about. We must remember that when we point one finger out, there are three pointing back toward us.

Transformation and Change in the 21st Century

It is clear humans don’t like change much and some choose to transform very slowly. However, change is increasing in the world now and there is nothing we can do to stop it. What took many years to transform before, can be instantaneous now if we are willing. We are in precarious times, both personally and collectively and I believe we must all make some positive changes toward clearing and growing ourselves and the place to begin seems to be navigating more from our hearts. Seeing ourselves as more than we can see with our minds and eyes. Accepting our Divine spiritual (energetic – emotional / spiritual) nature. To recognize that we are truly all children or pieces of God ~ of Love. Behaving this way now is our choice and opportunity.

When we all see ourselves as Divine Creators,

there is nothing we can’t heal!

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