A Beginner's Guide to Energy Transformation

What Are We When Not In Bodies?

As evidenced by those reporting “out of body” experiences ~ both in the dream state and upon a “near death” type experience, and those who do believe in a "heaven", we continue on, in some form, after leaving our physical body. Most people who believe in God ~ or whatever word they wish to use – Love, Universe, Creator, God / Goddess, The Infinite, All That Is, The Divine, Source, etc., do indeed believe, or know deeply within that we exist past death. However, they rarely identify what part of us continues on?

So, if it is true that a portion of us leaves our physical vessel upon death and travels somewhere, then what would we be made of? Energy? Then, is this what we REALLY are? If so, does it make sense to continue to only focus on physical transformations, and not the energetic first?

Now, I’m not saying that sometimes our challenges are only physical. If we got hit by a bus, our physical body would be seriously suffering and need IMMEDIATE attention. Yet, beyond those types of emergency situations, wouldn’t it make more sense to concentrate on the true, core, or spiritual essence (energy) part of ourselves for the deepest and most long-lasting transformations? I believe so and have seen and experienced many examples of that.