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A Relationship with Pixies and Fairies

Original WordPress blog post date of: August 21, 2010
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"Pixies are the ones that give us our moments of insight or inspiration.

They can appear to be flashes (or sparkles) of light to the human eye.

They are virtually perpetual effervescent children their entire life --

appearing young and acting young at heart.

They come and help people that are wishing for change in their life.

Magical moments, sparks of inspiration, quick changes in creativity.

They can appear as dots of color when you see many of them

and it means it's time for a change."

~ Christopher Valentine ~ Christian von Lahr

pixie riding a snail

Many years ago, while going through a massive and rapid spiritual awakening, I heard spirit calling to me, “Pixie… Pixie…”. Given that I didn’t know a whole lot about pixies, I went online seeking more information. All I could find at that time was a book of stories, "Piskey Folk: A Book of Cornish Legend", but nothing more to help soothe my mind and all its questions. What were their traits and how did it relate to me? What message was my guidance giving?


Intuitively, however, I really did already know. It was just a question of trust in my self and inner knowing. I understood on a deep level that pixies were thought of as innocent trouble-makers and that was a bit of my role here ~ which I can get into more deeply in later articles if you like. <grin> I also understood that I was just playfully going on about life, in a way that shook up everything behind me. The view was of me skipping happily along, obliviously overturning things as I went ~ not meaning any harm in any way or to any one ~ but creating a sense of change where ever I traveled in a fun, mischievous way for positive change.

Earlier, in 2002, spirit had given me a message ~ through a gifted intuitive ~ that they wished for me to meditate outside, “In the spot with the cutout”. I did, in fact, have a private place by the creek where I liked to go, but the intuitive hadn’t known about it, or that it was the place where I told my young son stories about the Little Man with the Pink Beard who lived in tree with a cutout at the base there.

young girl receiving information from a rock in West Yellowstone

I have had a very deep connection to nature, i.e., was a Girl Scout and adore camping, backpacking, gardening, etc. and have been told over and over again throughout the years that I had a lot of fairy energy. Reading that fairies will stay with plants / flowers till all of their life energy is gone, I recalled when, in childhood, my father cut down two huge trees I loved in my grandmother’s back yard, and how upset I was that he would even think to do such a thing! I remembered how I stayed with those trees every night after school until time for bed, playing near them. When they were all cut up and put away, I felt my job had ended. Yet, I hadn’t thought about that experience or understood it from that context until all of these pieces came together to help me understand my “pixie”, “elven”, “fairy” and just plain love of the Earth energy that I brought with me into this life. My family often jokes with me about the rocks I drag home from everywhere ~ appreciating their beauty, often when others don’t. Well, as you can see from the picture, I’ve been loving rocks a long time. (It appears we are having some serious communication going on.)

wildflower bouquet

To believe in other lifetimes is difficult for many people. It hasn’t been part of our culture. I wasn’t seeking understanding of such things 9 years ago when I began having many dramatic experiences that helped me to understand more and more of who I was, on a larger scale, and more about other times. I didn’t believe, or disbelieve, in such things ~ it just never seemed important to me. After opening to the idea of other lifetimes ~ opening to the idea that we’ve been other things, besides human, would be a larger stretch for most people… but it wasn’t for me because at a core level, I knew. I remembered the childhood experiences, my deep love of the flowers, and of the Earth. Recently, my son picked me a beautiful vase of wildflowers and I sent the picture to my sister, who commented, “He must have known how much you love flowers ~ especially wildflowers”. I was rather shocked that she knew this, but it must have been obvious when I was young. I remember always bringing my Mom flowers ~ and feeling bad that I could feel she didn’t seem to adore them as much as I did.


To have a spiritual awakening is a personal event. It doesn’t have to look like anyone elses experience would. We’ve all been on a journey and we’ll all eventually arrive at the same place. Some of us have had more quantity of lives, some more experience in the lives we’ve chosen, some like to take it slow, others like speed. Some of us bite off more than we can chew in one time and play “do-over” several times till we get it right ~ but we are each as special, unique and divine. Together, we make up a tapestry not unlike beautiful snowflakes.

Pixie Power Sticker

Have fun! Play with what comes up in your life. Don’t believe everything someone else says, unless it “pings” for you. Do your spiritual journey as a Pixie would. Laugh at your mistakes, be willing to try something new, leave a wake behind you ~ if called to, scratch up your knees and dance and sing. Do things YOUR way ~ not the “right” way (there is no such thing... it was just a pixie story for that particular Earth time). It's a NEW time and you can be free of your heavy baggage if you are willing to put your satchel down.


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