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Masculine & Feminine ~ The 21st Century Relational Dance

A few weeks ago, I ran across this 4-minute video and it sparked my interest to complete a post started in February.

Although, Goldie has been able to walk her "independent" talk ~ perhaps through greater opportunity ~ many women, around the world have not had such positive experience. Why? Well, there's many reasons, one of which I'd like to cover in this post. Being open to various perspectives, I would very much enjoy hearing from you which would assist me in the completion of the upcoming book, Transformative Union: Developing Masculine Feminine Harmony. Feminist or Masculinist Movement?

It is clear that women do need their own source of income (power) and truly, this was what the feminist movement was about. An important step for women overall; there are more women CEOs, etc. than ever before. However, the "feminist movement" was not at all about women stepping into their feminine power for creation. It was more about females moving more solidly into their masculine energy to create within the already established masculine business paradigm. An important step for women's independence, but for me, a serious difference that screams for understanding now ~ particularly around the further breakdown of relationships. Is it possible therefore that a better term would have been the Masculinist Movement for Women?

Before now, the world was not ready for the true feminine ~ which whether male or female we all hold inside. We had no feminine face of God and those who tried earlier connection with her, and with the Earth ~ male and female ~ were burnt at the stake, etc. However, from my perspective, a grand change occurred in 2008 when Mother Goddess did indeed return (a long story I won't go into now). Since then, a larger number of women are embracing the feminine and receiving great emotional and spiritual healing from doing so. This certainly has the potential to allow more feminine leadership and ripple outward to a wider majority of men.

The most important recognition is that we really can't step out of personal, relational, or global separation with 1/2 of the energy suppressed ~ particularly the creative portion. So this is truly an event that has the capacity to instill greater creativity, health, balance, and love in our world.