In Everyone, Regardless of Gender... What is Masculine ~ Yang ~ Shiva Energy? What is Feminine ~ Yi

Have you ever considered that:

  • We all have a ratio of both energies inside of us which have nothing to do with our gender?

  • All of our ratios are unique to ourselves?

  • During the last 2,000 years of Christianity, we haven’t really held the love and compassion that Jesus came to teach 2,000 years ago and need to truly begin?

  • It is the feminine energy that is the most vulnerable and most absent energy on this planet during this long, patriarchal, and masculine dominant cycle in the world?

  • Is it all of our responsibility to accept, respect, honor, and bring back the feminine in each of us now?

I encourage you to intuitively tune into this chart and take an honest personal inventory of how much feminine / yin / or Shakti energy you bring to the planet at this time when it is so sorely needed.

Even though the yin/yang symbol shows the dark is the yin or feminine, many would find issue with this. However, "dark" is not evil. It is the inward womb, the earth ~ the deep dark soil where creativity begins and all things grow. Without dark, there would be no light. Without wo-man, there would be no man. Without a feminine face of God, we have been imbalanced and have created an imbalanced world.

If we have no union within or internally, we can not have union outside or externally.

We must all BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world!

** Why pink and blue for the titles you might ask? On an energy level, pink represents love and blue represents compassion. Energies we really need at this time on Earth! Let's add in our feminine -- regardless of gender -- and better balance our love and compassion!

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