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In Everyone, Regardless of Gender... What is Masculine ~ Yang ~ Shiva Energy? What is Feminine ~ Yi

Have you ever considered that:

  • We all have a ratio of both energies inside of us which have nothing to do with our gender?

  • All of our ratios are unique to ourselves?

  • During the last 2,000 years of Christianity, we haven’t really held the love and compassion that Jesus came to teach 2,000 years ago and need to truly begin?

  • It is the feminine energy that is the most vulnerable and most absent energy on this planet during this long, patriarchal, and masculine dominant cycle in the world?

  • Is it all of our responsibility to accept, respect, honor, and bring back the feminine in each of us now?

I encourage you to intuitively tune into this chart and take an honest personal inventory of how much feminine / yin / or Shakti energy you bring to the planet at this time when it is so sorely needed.