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21st Century Bravery: Navigating the Complexities with Reflections, Ramblings, and Questions

I had written this for a poetry class in August of 2021 when it seemed all common sense had left the building. My youngest son had died that April, and by August, I had to finish the classwork I'd put on hold following that personal tragedy. Thus, the newspaper-style reflections, ramblings, and questions about what kind of world my son - and other young persons - might inherit if we didn't consider the values of those whose divine connections created our Constitution. Do we need to return to our roots with a more "connected" lens from which to view life? If there are those who still enjoy reading, thanks for liking, sharing, and commenting, as I'm interested in your views also, as long as you can be kind. Disclaimer: The other types of comments will be ignored.

News to America the Brave - 1
News to America the Brave - 2
News to America the Brave - 3
News to America the Brave - 4

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