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Do you wish to reduce anxiety, depression, lack of clarity, sleeplessness, confusion, have a short or long-standing health concern you wish to lessen or resolve?


My name is Nancy Anderson. After holistically rectifying many personal challenges by addressing all four levels of my being at once, I offer my transformative and holistic health / medical intuition / energy therapy gifts to you!


The best part, is that if you are open and ready, I show you how to do these things yourself, so  you don't have to keep returning for my help, unless you wish to. We have way more creative personal power than we've been taught to believe. I invite you to use it.


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The way free from external challenge is within.

What is union? It is "wholeness"

"The English word ‘health’ is based on the Anglo-Saxon word ‘hale’, meaning ‘whole’; that is: to be healthy is to be whole." ~
David Bohm

You don't need to be "fixed," just perhaps to let go of what is truly not yours to keep. The ideas of this world that we allowed to separate us,

both personally and collectively.


Let's reconnect and create more health, peace, and happiness together ~ inside out!

Information not intended as a substitute for professional counseling and/or the advice of your primary health care provider.

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