To all my fellow Soul Travelers -

Welcome to Transformative Union!

To bloom, we must love life (light and shadow) and live love.

What does that mean?

For many years, humanity has lived in a dualistic and separated world of "good and bad, black and white, right and wrong." We've done well at creating social order by focusing outwardly on familial, social, political, legal, religious, and popular rules and personal goals and plans. Yet, with this "right/wrong" outwardly focused perspective, we are still divided internally and externally.


Can we even hear our soul's wisdom with all this outward focus? 

Would it be best to balance these two polarities?


It appears we are being urged to realize that only holistic union within will reduce this inner and outward disconnection and separation. To truly love our lives, ourselves, and others, we must be connected inwardly and listen to All That Is.

To that end, I offer:


using a variety of methods and tools listed below


  • Transformative Transpersonal Coaching

       Intuitive, Life, Relational, Nutritional

  • Energetic Integration Therapy Emotional Release


  • Hypnotherapy


  • Energy Art Therapy

Some spiritually scientific or intuitive tools used are:

MARI, Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Destiny Cards, Numerology




Sometimes it helps to have someone to hold our hand while we dive more deeply. To feel held in a safe and sacred space ~ free of advice or judgment ~ while we wipe the earthly mud off ourselves to embody our deeper soul Self.

Transformative Union is a healing, growing, and blooming chamber for you. An open and curious environment that assists you in diving deeply enough to connect dots and find your answer(s) within.

More heart ~ emotional/intuitive connection ~ less thinking and doing without discarding the importance of logic.


The world needs more love magic!

In Union with Self ~ You Are a Divine Creator!

Let me help you find the hidden pieces of you!

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The Best & Longest-Lasting Changes Happen Inside ~ Out

Transform in Union ~

In Union, Create Transformation