About Nancy and Transformative Union


Transformative Union is both the business name and Nancy's personal journey through life. The name reflects how -- within relationships with ourselves, Spirit, or others -- we can create great transformation. Also, how these transformations create a more in-depth union [with self, Spirit, and others].


This is a more connected, or circular experience, than the very linear way we have been conditioned to perceive life and relationship. By uniting and unifying the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, greater health and awareness can be achieved. Both within ourselves and in all of our relationships.


One main blockage to this integrative wholeness -- for both male and female -- is that we've been steeped in a primarily masculine or yang dominant culture for a very long time. Constantly in our physical and mental DO-ing energies and out of touch with our emotional, spiritual, or BE-ing energies ~ the feminine or yin aspects of ourselves. Now, for greater health, we must all -- despite sex or gender -- integrate our emotions. Also, to create a more personal spiritual connection so that we can create a more whole and connected society and world. Do you need a safe, non-judgmental, and

sacred space and someone to perhaps assist with that process? Someone with a lot of experience with it? If so, read on.

In life, we can experience both wonderful feeling expansion and not-so-wonderful feeling contraction times. Both bring deeper change, transformation, growth, union, and peace. That's what creation and birthing are about. Expansion and contraction. The in-breath and out-breath of life. For inner peace, we just have to relax, breathe, and accept and do our best to enjoy the journey. Otherwise, an energy block can occur with our resistance and judging the contractions as being "bad." This results in more pain in the birthing the creation, or the child. We've all experienced a lot of contraction with the yin or feminine energy absent from spiritual and cultural acceptance. It's been here, but we often reject it. Emotions are blocked with TV, food, religion, education, work, sex, alcohol, drugs (street or pharma) or whatever method we take to "feel better" rapidly. The idea was, "Just don't make me feel what is trying to move up and through me to love and accept, and listen to for the messages those "negative" emotions bring." In the past, many would go to church on Sunday and have one day of spiritual connection and then go back to the other path during the week. Now, we must have our own more in-depth walk with God (Goddess, Creator, Love, Universe, Divine, All That Is -- you choose the word that serves you best). For me, this immense and all encompassing energy doesn't require a name. It just is. It is in everything and everyone. It's just time to notice that.

Growth occurs when we consciously take part in transformation and deeper union, hopefully without resistance and as guided by our heart. However, in our very programmed world, societal, ancestral, familial, and personal beliefs can cause a great deal of resistance to occur within (mental, emotional, and spiritual -- thought, feeling, and belief). It's these belief systems (B.S. for short) that can either fertilize our life, or stop growth from too much of the incorrect kind of fertilizer. We crawl into a box -- or belief system -- and get comfortable and aren't willing to venture outside and even listen to anything but how we were conditioned early in the formation of our ego and brains. The ego and brain can block that connection with the heart. We are not hearing our souls or Higher Power -- only our conditioned or programmed brain (or computer).

When we see, feel, and heal incorrect conditioning about ourselves, others, and the world,  that light ripples out into the collective in a way most don't currently understand. In the big picture, we are truly all connected -- in a union -- in a way we haven't fully understood. It's not that we need to create this union, or be "fixed," but just to appreciate the manure, or mud, as a growth agent, and wipe off the excess thrown at us by others or the culture [which was never ours to work with]. Some we've kept, some we've mud wrestled with a long time, some is really old, some is new and very stinky, most was never ours, to begin with. We were connected to each other and to All That Is, but not in a clean or pure way.

This needs to change, and is transforming greatly now as the dark arises to be re-integrated into the light and peace of pure love. Want to jump on the transformative union train with me and let's make these changes and course corrections, consciously. Or will we allow those in the "elite" positions just make the path for us?

About Nancy

The name -- Transformative Union -- arrived in 2014 when I chose to bring my vast life experience, training, and tools into some form of union [unified collection]. The intent was to offer some of the elder wisdom gained from both challenge and triumph to you. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to support you on your beautiful soul journey at a massively changing time on the planet. What can we create together -- in union? Hopefully something more integrated.


Who am I? Well, I'm not so different from you. Perhaps our life stories are unique, but I imagine -- in this sometimes [and ever increasing appearing] upside-down world -- you can feel this lack of unification or dis-ease on one level or another, or you wouldn't be here. Let me tell you a bit about myself so you can better determine if I might be the correct person to assist on the journey toward your true nature.


Through my spiritual gifts and sensitivity, I began my path in youth as an un-certified emotional and spiritual psychotherapist. Often confused and conflicted by the imbalanced and upside-down seeming way things are done -- particularly in the areas of individual emotional and spiritual connection -- I was always striving to make lemonade out of every experience encountered. Going deep with what I wished to more deeply and intuitively innerstand, I grew and transformed -- sometimes through great internal and external challenge.

When loudly prompted to become a psychologist at 19, I winced when sitting in classes. It seemed from my perspective that we were missing something quite important in education around the healing/helping professions, and I dropped out. It likely would have been better for me to integrate with the world as it was, and then use my knowledge and wisdom of the inner world and psyche later in life. However, it seemed out of integrity. I just didn't agree with the ideas or methods -- although I couldn't have articulated it as well then. Later, I did obtain a bachelor's degree in communication, with an emphasis on psychology and women and gender studies to review from a more wisened and well-rounded lens. Being with my youngest son's generation was enlightening, and helpful to perhaps assisting with current issues and perhaps programmed beliefs.


Earlier in life, the contradictions between the conditioning of both my family system, the outer world, and my soul/spirit voice inside created a great deal of self-doubt. It was clear I saw things differently, but rather than asking me for my perception or experience, others would -- from a triggered seeming place -- tell me how I saw things. This still happens and it really puzzles me. No one can know what's inside another. Friends tell me, "Yes, Nancy. That is the way it is." Still, I don't understand how anyone can think they can articulate for another. I don't believe they can. Therefore a great deal of  unconscious or projected mental/emotional/spiritual mud or manure was thrown from those wanting to rid it from themselves. Perhaps it was thrown at them in childhood, or later in life and wasn't theirs, but they didn't know how to dispose of it properly, and funny thing is with all this messy muddy war going on most of the time, no one I knew could see it or talked of the mud war. But I was a deep feeler from the start, and I could feel it. It took a lifetime to take a accurate inventory. What was mine? What was thrown at me? What did I take on? What did I call to me to grow from?

I understand that most aren't in touch with their own feelings or intuition to state them well. The seeming over-focus in the culture on only the physical and mental -- brain/behavior/ body -- or looking outward for answers felt wrong and lacking, but at that age, I didn't know why. I also couldn't find anyone to go as deep with me as I needed, a book on the shelves to help, or familial or spiritual guidance that led me to something more in line with what felt joyful for me. So instead, I worked most of my life as an Administrative/Executive assistant to high-level business professionals, I offered my gifts of detail and the mechanics of people and organizations to others, as I sorted out what it was of this world that had me stumped. Now in my elder years, I hold some gems received over a long life and also in an ever-increasing seeming backward -- to create forward -- world.

With my deep sensitivity, the contradictions between the conditioning of my family system and culture, and the message of my soul/spirit voice inside, felt at odds. How could it not with just a Sunday version of spiritual and emotional connection being offered? The confusion and contradictions in the world, and in myself, were faced head-on and with a great deal of perseverance. Being a soul detective became my long-term soul's work. I had to keep coming back to myself. I wasn't given another choice.

Like most in the West, I'd been trained by society to only care about showing a good "face" or identity to appear whole and to never ask for help or look vulnerable -- as that is weak. So there was always that shadow lurking of being so conditioned about what others would think of me, and the contradiction when I would have a problem with a friend the "authorities" saying "Why do you care what they think?" I didn't really and I didn't understand this focus. I didn't care what others thought and still don't. But, I didn't know how to integrate myself with that kind of thinking and belief system. The culture was quite confusing to me. I didn't know why they kept throwing mud at me that didn't feel like it was mine.

When depression arose from the seeking and not even being able to find the depth of understanding -- or better yet innerstanding --  that I needed, the only thing offered was anti-depressants and I refused. I chose instead to work at it and strengthen my intuitive connection with something much larger. Most interestingly,

this outward fixing focus is validated by the fact that the word "innerstanding" isn't even in our dictionary.

Health challenges, which cropped up after surgery in 1997, sparked my more profound interest in holistic wellness, or union. After two operations to get pregnant, and an emergency c-section, I had numerous health challenges. Doctors told me, "There is nothing wrong," which wasn't my truth at all, having a myriad of physical symptoms or messages from the body. At that time, I didn't fully comprehend what holistic meant. I certainly understood it to mean 'whole,' but I didn't grasp how profoundly the energy of our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs impact our health. Eating better than most, I didn't know how deficient my diet was for me, how toxic a world we live in, what impact the energetic stress was having, or what to do or how to be with it all. Guided to an energy healing workshop, I attended a year later -- after I dropped my resistance to what was "weird" to me at the time. I was hoping for relief from the digestive issues, but returning 3-days later, I had large healing of scoliosis-related maladies while meditating and doing some of the healing work on myself. Needless to say, this experience changed my life.

I enjoy deep connections to all through fun, creativity, and nature. At this age, I am just me: someone kind and compassionate, [my friends always call me "sweet"], open-hearted, honest, intuitive, perseverent and sometimes stubborn, and often irreverent, with a wacky sense of humor. I love to laugh and hope to laugh with you as we journey together toward more wholeness inside, to create more wholeness in our world. More emotional and spiritual connection -- a heart-based transformation -- is sorely needed in our world. I love to dance, and drum, and hike, and I absolutely hug trees. I love flowers children, adventures,  and I do my best to embody my inner child as often as possible. I have so much to offer now as an experienced wise woman.

A certified hypnotherapy practitioner, life and spiritual coach, and energy therapist, I have practiced with my spiritual psychology toolkit in-depth for the past 20 years. In addition, I sell some whole-food herbal products and do a slight bit of health coaching. It seems I excel at hearing a problem on the internal levels of a person drawn my way, and intuitively know the perfect tool to help them with a way to transform into further union with all they are.

Vulnerability, compassion, sensitivity are great strengths in this world -- particularly now! But the physical and mental emphasis has been predominant in our world. How you looked, how intelligent you were, what you thought, and how you appeared. It is time for some health and for some balance. It is time to see our whole selves, light, and shadow with neutrality, love, compassion, and non-judgment -- so we are able to do that for others. I seem to have a way of "lighting this up" for you, so you can wipe it off in a safe/sacred space. If you don't want to see it, fine. Many don't. But if you want to see what's caked on you, I'm your person! I excel at hearing a problem on the internal levels of a person and know the perfect tool to help them with a way to transform into further union with all they are.


I've learned and grown a great deal since that time and am here if you need me ~ always and in all ways seeking to be the change I wish to see in the world. Won't you join me in being the change the world needs so much now? Perhaps you will light up something for me also? So I work on a sliding scale -- depending on the interaction -- not a fixed price. Money is just an energy exchange and I seek to keep my exchanges good for both parties. Let's change how we do things here, together -- in union and through large and small transformation!

If you made it to the end, thanks for your time and patience to see and feel if I am the correct person to assist you.

Transformation Can Bring Greater Inner Union!

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