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About Nancy & Transformative Union

How Can Nancy Help You?

About Me Nancy Anderson

Nancy believes that if she's going to help anyone, she must help herself first. As a highly sensitive and intuitive person, she's been through many complex, deep, hidden, and very isolating internal challenges and grand transformations. Healing and whole-ing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds in both this -- and other timelines -- while in a world that doesn't truly believe there is anything else beyond this life.

While building and maintaining a great deal in the outer world -- as compared to most -- more of her focus was on the inner. Deep internal diving for 60+ years, has brought a great wisdom regarding the current shifting times humanity is faced with now. Now many are being forced to go within, face our wounds, shadow, traumas, and internal disconnection -- to hopefully create greater outward connection when our work is done.

We all have masculine/yang [physical, mental, exterior focused] and feminine/yin [emotional, intuitive or spiritual, interior focused] energies inside us - male or female. Unfortunately, we've disconnected from the feminine in varying degrees in our last epoch - women also. Regardless, we must each reclaim her gifts for internal wholeness, leading to wholeness in our world. Particularly now at this transformational and pivotal time on Earth. In a nutshell, this is how Nancy can help you!

The masculine or yang energy in all of us is light, positive, electric and a very good space to be in for doing! The masculine pole of the energy battery. The feminine within us is dark, negative, magnetic and a good space for being! The feminine or yin energy is not dark "evil," as seen in our past. It's also not "negative," as in the way we judge and label ourselves or others. The feminine pole of the energy battery is the deep dark earth where we solve those challenges. Where a seed cracks and shoots to the light, the dark womb where babies grow, and the void where all creation occurs.

By resisting one-half of who we are -- the feminine or yin -- we neglect our authentic emotions and intuitive connection to a higher power and step out of being the creators we truly are. When we refuse a darker, inward time of deep-rest -- where we see, feel, intuit, and heal -- we are giving up one-half of who we and our most effective internal power to create and magnetize to us soul-utions. In this unconscious and imbalanced state of overdoing and overthinking, we may become depressed, develop health challenges, and allow others to choose for us.

If you've tried everything and everyone, and still can't rise out of something, Nancy is your go-to-person.


In a safe and sacred container, and with so much compassion, Nancy can tune into the core quite rapidly. Using her intuition, a few of her tools, and her divine mother energy,

she can hold your hand as you go as deep into the darkness as you dare.


Nancy will hold the flashlight to bring out the more in-depth, hidden intuitive/emotional answers from inside of you -- where all answers reside.

We are always the ONLY change we can truly make in the world.

It is time to be the boundless, infinite creators we are!

Everything is connected in a circle. Let's become whole and rejoin that circle together!

Transformation Can Bring Greater Inner Union!

Art & Energy Therapy; Hypnotherapy, Online Intuitive Transformational and Transpersonal Health Coach - Physical-Mental-Emotional-Spiritual and Relational; Sunrider Products

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