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A place where inner transformation with spirit, love, and creativity is born through unity. Also,  where an internal and external union can arrive through that transformation.

Since it seems my soul's path is to unify my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies, it was my birth that created this business name and process. However, Transformative Union was adequately named in 2014 as I better realized the depth of my inner healing through great emotional, relational, and spiritual expansion and contraction. It was then when I chose to bring my vast experience, training, and tools into a union and offer some of the wisdom gained from both challenge and triumph to you.

I am excited to share together and to support you on your soul path!

Who am I?


My name is Nancy Anderson, and through my spiritual gifts and great sensitivity, I began my journey as an emotional and spiritual psychotherapist in youth. Always striving to make lemonade out of every experience encountered, I grew and transformed -- sometimes through great internal and external challenges. When loudly prompted to become a psychologist at age 19 I winced when realizing we were culturally missing something in the healing/helping professions while sitting in the classes. However, at 19, I couldn't articulate my intuitive sense.


Although I understand internally that the word "psyche," meant "soul, mind, or spirit," that wasn't what was displayed in the outer. I also felt there was something wrong with the word 'mind' being substituted for the word, brain. Also that for me, the mind is not the brain, but an awareness that resides beyond the body and brain. Therefore, without humanity having that deep connection with their psyche -- the emotional and spiritual connection with something larger -- we don't have best internal cultural results. I felt that imbalance deeply inside myself from the conditioning I took upon myself from the outer world. It helped me do my soul's work in life, but until I faced the myriad of internal contradictions, there was a great deal of internal confusion.

Although I dropped out at that time, I would have done more good by grounding myself in the here and now and then using my idealism to create positive change. Yet inner confidence and outward support felt absent. The conditioning in the culture often appeared too great to rise above -- at least to the degree I wanted things to improve for myself and others. I'd been trained by society to only care about showing a good "face" to appear whole. Also to never ask for help. However, I couldn't see anyone to ask about my deeper concerns that I felt no one could yet answer at that time. At least those in my closest circle.


Instead, I chose to create significant and positive change inside myself, sometimes with great faith-testing, and internal death and re-birth experience in sometimes intense and extreme ways. While healing from intense death and re-birth experience, I gave myself a stable and secure environment at a state University and from ages 59-63, I got that B.S. in Communication with an emphasis in Psychology, Creative Writing, and Women and Gender Studies and with a 3.75 GPA. It is never too late to learn and to test knowledge with wisdom, balance the left and right brains, and personally embody the union that I speak of so often.

I have so much to offer now as a wise woman. I enjoy deep connections to all through fun, creativity, and nature. At this age, I am just me: someone kind and compassionate, [my friends always call me "sweet"], open-hearted, honest, intuitive, perseverent and sometimes stubborn, and often irreverent, with a wacky sense of humor. I love to laugh and hope to laugh with you as we journey together toward more wholeness inside, to create more wholeness in our world. More emotional and spiritual connection -- a heart-based transformation -- is sorely needed in our world. I love to dance, and drum, and hike, and I absolutely hug trees. I love flowers children, adventures,  and I do my best to embody my inner child as often as possible.

A certified hypnotherapy practitioner, life and spiritual coach, and energy therapist, I have practiced with my spiritual psychology toolkit in-depth for the past 20 years. Health challenges, which cropped up after surgery in 1997, sparked my more profound interest in holistic wellness, or union. Doctors told me, "There is nothing wrong," which wasn't my truth at all, having a myriad of physical symptoms or messages from the body. At that time, I didn't fully comprehend what holistic meant. I certainly understood it to mean 'whole,' but I didn't grasp how profoundly the energy of our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs impact our health. Eating better than most, I didn't know how deficient my diet was for me, how toxic a world we live in, what impact the energetic stress was having, or what to do or how to be with it all. In addition, I sell some whole-food herbal products and do a slight bit of health coaching. It seems I excel at hearing a problem on the internal levels of a person and intuitively know the perfect tool to help them with a way to transform into further union with all they are.

I excel at hearing a problem on the internal levels of a person and know the perfect tool to help them with a way to transform into further union with all they are.


I've learned and grown a great deal since that time and am here if you need me ~ always and in all ways seeking to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Transformation Can Bring Greater Union!

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