Hi!  I'm Nancy Anderson and I'd be honored to assist you to create your best life!


My interest in holistic wellness ~ or union ~ was sparked by health challenges that cropped up after surgery in 1997 and doctors saying, "There is nothing wrong." ~ which wasn't my truth at all ~ having a myriad of physical symptoms or messages from the body. At that time,  I didn't fully comprehend what holistic meant. I certainly understood it to mean whole ~ but I didn't grasp how profoundly the energy of our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs impact our health. Eating better than most, I didn't have a clue as to how poor my diet actually was for me personally, how toxic of a world we live in, what impact this energetic stress was having on me, or what to do about any of it.

From 1997 - 2002 I visited doctors, had tests run, tried different diets, acupuncture, energy allergy treatments, and saw a well-known medical intuitive, who offered me her training for free saying I was naturally gifted in that area. I learned to listen deeply to my body's signals on multiple levels and said a repetitive prayer with deep feeling, "I want to feel better!" and indeed, I was guided, one step at a time, through many positive transformations ~ always listening carefully.

In 2001, I heard Dr. Eric Pearl of Reconnective Healing TM and The Reconnection TM, on an internet radio broadcast and immediately knew within that I was being guided to attend. However, although I had been prepared by my willingness to explore acupuncture and energetic allergy treatments, it took me a year to finally get there. Energetic healing was well, programmed into me to fear. I did not fear my own guidance and intuitions though, and for this, I am beyond grateful.


In July, 2002, three days after returning from the workshop, while in a moment of meditation (silence and deep breath), I felt very guided to do some of the work upon myself and experienced an extraordinary physical healing of curvature of the spine or scoliosis and the related symptoms. Yes, I hear some scoffing and eye rolls, "But you can't heal this!" Really?... Well tell the powers that be that! <grin> Of course x-rays show my bones are indeed still curved, yet it appears the greatest healer of all time worked through me, because my back is straight and I have no more migraines, etc.

The healing, combined with daily meditation for stress reduction and personal spiritual connection, dietary changes, and food-grade supplementation appropriate to my unique body, my entire life began to change in a really profound and joyful way! I embraced an entirely different way of perceiving true health and by 2005, I had more energy than I did in my 20s ~ yet was almost 50. This experience opened me up to many other amazing mystical encounters and I came to fully understand that life can be miraculous when we rid ourselves of limitations and allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit through the heart ~ rather than through familial or cultural programs. I truly embraced my personal power and my life changed tremendously on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Yes, there have been challenges along the way ~  some really tremendous and traumatic ~ but none of the experiences I would trade for an instant, as I have grown and healed in ways I didn't even know I needed, and I am full of gratitude for all that has been given.

The speed and effectiveness of the sessions is completely up to how much you wish to put into them ~ what you are ready for. My personal gifts are depth and detail, so just know if this is what you want ~ to get to the root of the challenge  quickly and effectively ~ I may be the right guide for you. Ask inside and trust that first intuitive or gut ping as perhaps the beginning of a wonderful, transformative union ~ to connect with yourself and Spirit on deeper levels, likely leading to better relationships or unions, outside also. The the way out of challenge is always within.

So, who is the greatest healer of all time? Well, it is you! Only you can heal yourself, but there are others along the way who can impart wisdom and share tools with us. Having 16 years of experience guiding myself and others to deeper levels of energetic health, I look forward to assisting you!

Transformation Can Bring Greater Union!

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