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I was able to get myself well from a myriad of health challenges, including digestive, hormonal, blood sugar, sleeping problems, adrenal fatigue, and dry skin and hair using the principles I speak to on this website. Had I not been so in-tune with my energetic system, just a little more time and I would have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, or worse. From what I learned, I felt more energized at 50 than I was at 30!

I can assist you to also find what works for you ~ by sharing how to listen more deeply to your body's internal  wisdom. From my perspective, this is really the only way to achieve optimal health and high energy, regardless of your age.  Like all of life, our body knows and will tell us ~ but we must take the time to listen.

Nutritional / Lifestyle Coaching sessions are geared to assisting you to tune-in and hear your body at a deeper level, develop your own medical intuition capacities, give basic whole food and cleansing guidance, and provide suggested resources to get started on more deeply honoring your physical vessel as a temple to house your spirit. It is most important that you more strongly embody your purpose on the planet at this crucial time for humanity.

FREE Nutrition Coaching  - VALUE - $60 / hour - by phone, email, or Skype

when you are a Sunrider Customer with Nancy Anderson

Sunrider Products                                      Philosophy of Regeneration

Sunrider can certainly support the physical while you do your energetic ~ internal (emotional, mental, and spiritual work).  The products have helped many people, in many countries, since the 80s.  Let's help you tune in and see if these foods are right for you.

Sunrider Calli - Transformative Union

"A truly good physician first finds out the cause of illess, and having found that, he then tries to cure it by food.  Only when food fails, does he also prescribe medication."


 ~San Ssu-mo, Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.)

Is Your Body Regenerating or Degenerating?


Every year 89% of your body is new and the question to ask is whether your body will be strongr or weaker one year from now?  That depends on what kind of foods you are putting in -- regenerative or degenerative. The main principle behind all Sunrider foods and products is that of regenerating life.  Sunrider foods give life, so the body can overcome it's own weaknesses naturally, creating abundant vitality.


This philosophy is all about nourishing and cleansing the five major systems of the body with the proper combination and concentration of nutrients from whole-food sources with their life structure intact to create balance.  Thousands of years of Chinese herbal research is at the background of the products... the aim is not to cure dis-ease -- but keep the body functioning at optimal health and performance.


The body recognizes food, not chemicals -- isolated vitamins and protein powders for instance.  The body needs more than one item for balance -- therefore the latest fad item that is meant to resolve all health challenges, cannot -- simply because many different foods are needed for all the systems to get the fuel they need..

Sunrider International Documentary

Sunrider products are safe and very effective.  A special trade-secret process was developed by Dr. Chen, which extracts and concentates the most beneficial qualities of an ingredient while minimizing unwanted aspects. Thus, Sunrider products are both safe and supremely effective.


Many people ask how Sunrider foods compare with juicing.  If you put a carrot or kale through the juicing process, it is considered a whole food because you didn't take it apart nutritionally and then add isoalted vitamins to attempt to make it look healthy.  When you are juicing, you are concentrating nutrients by separating the bulk from the juice, making it easider to absorb the nutrients.


Sunrider:  Life is activated when water is added.  The foods are much like a seed when water is added.  The life force is activated.  Just drying food and then adding water, is not preserving the life force of the food.  Dr. Chen invented and developed a highly sophisticated process that everyone tries to copy -- but have been unable.  Shelf life is extensive for this whole food.

J.W. Emerson -

Healthy for Life Seminar

Sunrider is one of the healthy, whole foods that I adopted on my journey and have now been using almost 11 years. However, I understand that we are all different and that it may or may not be right for you.  If we determine together that it may ~ and you feel compelled to give it a fair try ~ I have access to much information to help you, and to help you gain access to the foods / products.  Sunrider is based on "The Philosophy of Regeneration" and you can read more about that below.  Also I've included some good video introductions.  



Please let me know if I can help you further.




Sunrider Business Presentation below:



Dr. Chen states: 


"Sometimes, our customers  wonder if we use organic ingredients. Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. A government agency must inspect and certify the farm before the food can be labeled “organic.”  Our products primarily use herbs and plants that grow in the wild in their natural environment. I believe nature is the best “farmer”—man cannot successfully duplicate many of nature’s best creations. That’s why we use ingredients grown by nature rather than organic farms.


I believe nature is the best “farmer”.  Man cannot successfully duplicate many of nature’s best creations. That’s why we use ingredients grown by nature rather than organic farms.
As a manufacturer of health foods, I am especially concerned about the environment. Because of pollution, many foods, even organic foods, may contain unacceptable levels of heavy metals. We monitor the heavy metal content of our herbs and often reject hundreds of pounds of herbs that do not meet our strict standards.
In addition to the heavy metal content, I also care about how our foods are handled. All herbs and plants, whether grown in the wild, in an organic farm, or in a traditional farm, have dirt, pests, and other contaminants. We take the extra steps of cleaning the herbs by hand and machine rather than grinding and/or irradiating the herbs along with their contaminants.
We also use a trade-secret manufacturing process to extract and concentrate the beneficial essences from our herbs. This makes the final product much more powerful and effective than just mixing the herbs on the ingredient listing.
I want all of you to have confidence that Sunrider uses the best ingredients and makes the best products."
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen
Founder and Chairman of the Board



Legal Corner Last Updated: 06/19/2009

Sunrider Uses Whole, Natural Soybeans in VitaShake® and NuPlus.  All Sunrider® products are formulated and manufactured according to the Philosophy of Regeneration™.  We maintain the highest level of quality control and even use pharmaceutical grade machinery in our state-of-the-art, company owned manufacturing facilities to create our natural, whole food products.





Sunrider self manufactures in order to ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of our products.  Do you realize how RARE that is in today’s world?  Most companies purchase their products from other manufacturers!


In accordance with the Philosophy of Regeneration™, Sunrider strives to use a large of variety of herbs and natural ingredients in order to nourish, balance, and cleanse the body.


Recently, a shipment of our all-natural products was stopped at the Chinese border by Chinese customs officials. Each and every one of our marvelous products was scrutinized by these officials, who ultimately refused to allow VitaShake® to enter China due to their claim that there may be trace amounts of genetically modified soybeans in the product, which were not declared on the product label.  Sunrider subsequently provided China with our IP Certificate (Identity Preserved Certificate), which certifies that our ingredients have in fact been sourced only from non-genetically modified soybeans.  While 80% of soybeans produced in the U.S. are genetically modified, Sunrider has chosen to use only whole, natural soybeans. Because genetically modified soybeans may be grown in the same or adjacent fields as natural soybeans, it is possible that trace amounts of genetically modified soybeans may come into contact with natural soybeans.

Sunrider still takes it upon itself to clean its natural soybeans through rigorous production processes and quality control so that they are as free of contaminants as possible, including GMO.  Our label accurately reflects our choice in this natural ingredient.  Sunrider will continue to use only the best natural ingredients in accordance with the Philosophy of Regeneration™.



Heavy Metals & Acid Rain?


During the 2009 Convention, Dr. Tei Fu Chen explained how it had taken him years to develop a process to get rid of heavy metals.

“We use 3 layers of Extraction and Filtration.  We are so proud. These are the safest products on the market”


Dr. Chen does NOT:

1. Use Fumigation — there is still so much residue left.
2. Use Radiation – this kills everything, even the taste changes. 


Dr. Chen has a new Registered Technique to:

1. Get rid of Heavy Metals
2. Sterilize the Herbs



More About Sunrider Products?


All of Sunrider’s herbs are food grade herbs. The formulas are designed for the challenges of our time.  We are inundated with toxins at every turn, in the air, water and food. Our foods are deplete of nutrients and our stress levels are soaring.


The Sunrider products are designed to Nourish the body with pure nutrients, rich in live enzymes and co-enzymes (known as vitamins), phytonutrients, antioxidants. The products also feed the cleansing systems of the body so that the body has the strength and capability to eliminate the toxins that it has stored. The products serve to bring balance back to the body. The Chinese understand that all illness is a lack of balance.


2004 – Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Founder of Sunrider International – Visionary and Ahead of His Time!


(In 2004) Dr. Chen has recently purchased a new, 1 million square foot building, which is nearly five times bigger than the City of Industry manufacturing in California. He will be using this building for the new revolutionary process that he developed a year ago.  Dr. Chen has shared with us how polluted the world has become. At one time he was able to just clean the herbs and the product was pure.  Now the toxins are in the water, air and soil, which contribute to high concentrations of heavy metals inside fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish and meat. In an outstanding achievement for Sunrider, Dr. Chen has developed a new sterilization process that is able to eliminate toxicity in the plants and eradicate bacteria, insects and mold. At the same time, Sunrider products that had previously been concentrated 7 times will now be concentrated up to 40 times. People are experiencing very positive results in just days. Sunrider is the only company in the world with this highly advanced technology. 


Most companies in the USA must fumigate or radiate the herbs. Sunrider does not do this because the herbs are already cleaned at our overseas plants, and are approved.  Fumigation is a process that uses poisonous gas to remove insects, bacteria and mould.  Radiation is even more unsafe and will change the chemical composition of herbs, making them lose their function.  Too many people are getting diagnosed with diseases created by poor nutrition and toxicity. The government is warning us not to eat much fish and other food because they are polluted with heavy metals. Dr Chen is not just talking but doing something about it. Due to his commitment to quality, Sunrider could soon be the one of the only safe foods available.


You are already spending money on groceries, drinks, skincare, cosmetics, etc.
You can get more for their money by switching to Sunrider!



Sunrider Products are Better Than Organic Health Foods
Made in the U.S.A. since 1982
Sunrider health foods and health drinks are better than organic.  Why?

Many of the products you buy in typical grocery  stores and even health food stores are lacking in serious nutrition.  The plants are often grown on depleted soil with chemical fertilizers, doused with pesticides and radiated or fumigated for extra precautions.  Then, they are overly heated in packaging, killing any live enzymes or whole food nutrients.

Organic produce is somewhat better, but you have to eat enormous amounts to gain any real benefits.  The cost makes it less appealing, not to mention the time and effort it takes to prepare these types of health foods.

You know it’s not enough to just eat organic health foods or drink plenty of water.  While that’s better than the typical diet, we invite you to look past the supermarket shelves and typical health food stores for products that produce a real change in how you look and feel.

The difference is that it’s not just one, but a precise, concentrated combination of ingredients that makes Sunrider health foods, drinks and personal care products better than organic!  Sunrider health foods and health drinks are better than organic for other reasons, too:

When Sunrider does use cultivated herbs and plants, they work closely with the farmer.  Sunrider makes sure that the herbal ingredients are grown in the right soil, the right climate, and under the right conditions for maximum nutrition.

Sunrider tests each container of raw herbs for heavy metal content from acid rain and rejects the raw herbs that do not meet their high standards. Organic farming does not guarantee that your products will have little or no heavy metals from acid rain.

The beneficial nutrients from the herbal ingredients in Sunrider health foods and health drinks are concentrated and properly processed and combined for maximum effectiveness. You would need to eat a tremendous amount of organic foods to equal the nutritional power of one serving of Quinary.

Sunrider has been a leader in the creation of health foods, drinks and personal care products since 1982, while many other companies are here today and gone tomorrow.

Sunrider is a successful, award-winning maker of health foods and drinks because Dr. Chen's formulations are different.  He knows exactly how to combine herbs together for the best results and maximum safety.  He analyzes the strong points and weak points of different foods so they work together to create a perfect formula.

NuPlus is made from a dozen nutritious plant sources, concentrated to be more effective than juicing fruits and veggies.

Maybe you’ve read about the benefits of juice drinks made with acai, mangosteen or noni fruits, and heard incredible stories about how they supposedly "cure everything”.

Our Sunrider products contain nutrients from many natural sources, CONCENTRATED for benefits far beyond other foods and drinks.

Do You Have Enough Variety in Your Diet?

"When you were young, didn't your mother always want you to eat a variety of foods, and not be a picky eater?  Your mother was right. Too much of one food can be bad for your body."

These are words of wisdom from Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, the man who created all 417 Sunrider products.  Dr. Chen is quite possibly the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to herbal health foods and he says,


"There is no one perfect food or herb. There is always a good side and a bad side to a food or nutrient.  For example, ginseng is a popular herb, but if you eat too much it can kill you.  It can inhibit the blood's ability to coagulate, so you could bleed to death during surgery.  It can also cause injuries to last longer or even worsen colds. Another example is the herb, licorice.  Too much licorice can change your hormones. No herbs are perfect."

Dr. Chen emphasizes that the body needs variety:

"We cannot focus on just one type of miracle ingredient.  I could easily make a juice (like acai, noni or xango).  I used to live in Brazil, so I'm very familiar with acai berry juice. It's a common juice there like orange juice. However, I didn't put out an acai juice because it goes against the variety principle.  Also, do you really believe people in Brazil don't get cancer or have other health problems?  They drink acai juice all the time." (*Brazil is where Dr. Chen discovered Stevia for Sunnydew).

This variety principle also applies to vitamins.  It took years before scientists realized that too much Vitamin A or an excess of Vitamin C can actually increase the risk of developing certain cancers.  That's why Sunrider focuses more on giving us vitamins in whole food formulas rather than chemical isolates.

Dr. Chen reveals a valuable bit of wisdom in his manufacturing philosophy, "I don't want to give you too much chemicals or vitamins because I know a little goes a long way. Our Citric C tabs contain only 125 mg, not 1,000 mg, on purpose.  I can easily make a 1,000 mg Vitamin C tablet, but I don't want people to overdose."

Variety is just one of the key elements providing us with the unique age defying power in Sunrider health foods and drinks.  That's why Quinary is made with 50 different plants, and the ingredients in Nuplus come from dozens of different beneficial herbs.  You can't get that kind of nutrition from one juice or isolated vitamin.

If you think carefully about what you are putting in your body, you will begin to understand why we use Sunrider health foods and drinks for maximum nutrition.  They're Made in the USA, and since 1982 they have always been Simply The Best.

Sunrider health foods and drinks give you age defying results you can really feel and others notice.  We have tried many other health food store items that don’t do anything we can feel or see.

Sunrider uses a technologically advanced, trade secret process to extract and CONCENTRATE the highest quality nutrients from herbs that provide centuries of documented benefits.

Sunrider uses only the finest natural ingredients - many grown in the wild.

They often reject the herbs that fail to meet their high quality standards, then painstakingly clean selected natural ingredients by hand and machine.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and his wife, Dr. Oi-Len Chen, lead a team of scientists who research, develop and manufacture over 400 award-winning products that you cannot find in typical health food stores or supermarkets.

What are some benefits that these health foods can provide for you?


  • Power your body with concentrated nutrients, giving you the desire to be active.

  • Support your defense system to battle allergies, colds, aches and pains effectively.

  • Clear the cobwebs in your mind so that your thoughts flow more easily.

  • Give you the tools you need to manage your weight, naturally.

  • Knock out cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods, sweet and salty foods.

  • Avoid mood swings from blood sugar imbalances.

  • Improve digestion with instant absorption of high quality nutrients.

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