Praise for Transformative Union

A few words from satisfied clients.  If you also have a session(s) and would like to help others to find my services and feel better, much gratitude for sending me your healing story.

balanced energy

As I am connected to a group here that are on the embodiment path, I find that your healing ability, the way it moves through you is particularly suited to people on that path. Focus on only light meditation is not good once you embody, it is important with balance energy. Your healing feels extremely good in my body, so it is not only white light. That is great!                          ~ Pia, Finland

harness feminine power

"I was searching for answers about my path and specifically in the field of divine unions. Intuitively, Nancy immediately pointed out the patterns inside me I that I needed to work on in order to heal and transform myself. Layer by layer she helped me peel away the fears that kept me from using my full potential.  I am now on the threshold of my new life and am able to harness my feminine power for the first time in my life!

Not only is Nancy's intuition accurate, but there is something extremely nurturing and reassuring about her vibes.  She says things like they are, yet, it's always backed up with a real authentic warmth.  I am so grateful for Nancy’s light, her embracing aura as well as her patience. She is truly an angel!"

~ Alexia, Switzerland 

answer to prayers

"My husband and I were asking for another child -- a boy preferably, as we had two girls -- but it was not happening.  I had some healing sessions  with Nancy.  During the last one,  I felt a sensation that repeated at the moment of conception.  I told my husband, "I'm pregnant!".  Of course he didn't believe me till later.  Now we have two boys!"                                                        ~ Amy, UT 

inner to outer

"I was seeking guidance and insight on some very concerning health issues that were developing in my body, and Nancy provided me with incredible relief and hope. Using Human Design and astrology, she evaluated my profile and was able to really get a big picture of my life and personality, and I am very grateful for the dead on insights she shared with me through this process. She also gently nudged me in the right direction toward healing the root cause of the physical ailments I was experiencing from the inside. Guiding me toward a phenomenal healing meditation, was just the medicine I needed. My heart receives her warmth and generosity of spirit with immense gratitude -- she came here to heal others and she does so with mindfulness and unconditional love."

 ~ Laura, WA

more energy
for life

"Your nutritional guidance continues to dramatically improve our family's health.  As a bonus, my husband easily and effortlessly lost 40 extra pounds and really enjoys exercise now.  Thank you, Nancy, for bringing true health to our lives!"

~ Kim, TN 

light in darkness

I would like to thank Nancy for her kindness and support in one of the darkest moments in my life. When I was falling apart she was able to help me stay positive and this is purely down to her deep under-standing and vast experience in the field of spiritual development.


When all other avenues failed and nobody understood the pain and depth of my despair, Nancy was there for me. Kind words, insight and understanding. I am forever indebted to her. Truly a life saver.

                                                                                                  ~Philippe, U.K.


Refreshed & enlightened

"Nancy's healing abilities are profound. She offers clear and detailed insight into holding both the correct intent and personal accountability in the process to regeneration. Every time I've had a session with her I leave feeling refreshed and enlightened. Her ability to work with the pain body at a soul level is empowering and effective. I'm so grateful for her compassion and wisdom while working through my own blocks to transformation. Thank you, Nancy!"

~ Teresa, ID

Relief from pain

"Although it was out of the way, I felt guided to visit my old high school buddy (Nancy's husband) while driving to Oregon.  I'd had an accident with a skill saw and an on-going infection that wouldn't clear up.  After those two sessions and returning home, the infection did not return.

Two years later, I had a bit of trouble with it, and Nancy explained what infections represented on an energy level and did another distance session and the problems disappeared once again." 

~ Birger, IA 

Trusting self / lifepath again

"Nancy is truly gifted!  I came to Nancy un-knowing how or when my business would truly take off. I struggled feeling comfortable in the direction I was choosing.  After working with her she was able to use her intuition to help me realize what I'm meant to do.  Her words have helped me to better understand my own intuitive knowing which has lead to me making many many positive choices for not only myself but my business. Her words are in the my mind constantly because of that I have a much clearer picture on myself and my life as a whole and I owe it all to Nancy and her amazing gifts."                                        

                                                                                             ~ Nickole, TX

RAys of Light EnTer

"Nancy worked with me for multiple sessions. She helped search to find what technique and information fit my needs for coming to the best solution. Nancy was patient, cheerful, and very insightful; she is generous with her big heart. A lot of her advice made me see myself and things in a new light and grow as a person - able to navigate through life smoother. Many of her suggestions were spot on and I still practice a year later." 

~ Eva, Italy

Your kindness creates ripples felt throughout the world

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