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If you wish to use the PayPalMe link, please contact me first for a free consultation and to book your session.
Also note the limited amount of hours I am currently available on the "Book Online" page.

Sessions available Skype / Zoom & Phone

Introduction to Hypnotherapy


Time to reveal your TRUE self?  Like an onion, you can peel back many layers.  How far down the rabbit hole do you wish to go – how deeply do you want to dive?  It’s all up to you and you are in complete control the entire time.  Your sub-conscious mind will never allow anything to happen you aren’t completely ready for.  You will be surprised at what is possible when you set yourself free from what’s holding you back from your goals, dreams, and desires.

Hypnotherapy places you in a very natural, yet altered state of mind (or consciousness) – somewhat like when you first wake in the morning, or go to sleep at night, or what happens when you are driving and forget where you’ve been.  You naturally access this state several times during your day – but we will access this state intentionally to retrieve sub-conscious data that we can then review to make alterations.  You will help write the exact words that your sub-conscious can both relate to and accept. Words that will allow you to be more open, loving, peaceful, confident, fearless ~ or whatever change is needed to move forward joyously.

During the sessions, you will be able to hold higher states of awareness.  Then, after the sessions, when you practice your affirmations at home, you can hold that state on a regular basis.  This is where great transformation lies!


Hypnotherapy works for:


  • Stress / Anxiety

  • Fears / Phobias

  • Grief

  • PTSD / Trauma

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic Pain

  • Weight Loss, Body Issues, Eating Disorders

  • Addictive Habits (Smoking, Drinking, etc.)

  • Preparing for Surgery

  • Dental or Needle Anxiety

  • Anything for which you are seeking balance, including:

  • Childhood or Past Lives (Regression)


How Your Mind Works

Our subconscious mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. Just like the hard-drive of a computer, the programs installed -- often in childhood -- can be old, outdated, or no longer functioning properly.  Occasionally, new, more intelligent software must be installed to align our dreams and goals with our actions.


If we don’t remember what programs got installed, or don’t know how to install new ones, we can get caught in habitual or reactive patterns that no longer serve us in the present time.  Hypnosis is the art of uncovering this information and re-writing it, assisting you to break through blocks and move forward to create the life you were born to live!


The conscious mind is only about 15%.  85% is our sub-conscious and super-conscious minds.  These deeper layers of the mind can assist us to become more self-aware and more intelligent.  Unfortunately, most of us not knowing how, rarely access these possible higher states of knowing or being.


Some believe that accessing these deeper levels of the mind provides access to all the information available in the unseen “internet” – collective, or God mind. 


Have you ever REALLY wanted to set a goal, like to start working out on Saturday and then found yourself on the couch instead…. To change your eating habits on Monday and then ended up eating a doughnut later that morning? We all have.


Hypnosis aligns the great power of these deeper levels of our mind with our conscious mind and helps us to make better decisions.



Any clients interested in hypnosis to assist them with addictions will be required to have a quit date prior to meeting for the first session. Together, we will create a behavior modification program that gives you the VERY best chance of replacing the habit with something that brings more joy into your life.


Complimentary Consultation

I provide a complimentary 30-45 minute consultation for all prospective clients. This gives both of us a chance to see if we “connect”.  I book enough time, so that if you do want to start a session right after, we can. During this time together, make sure to ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable as the session will be ineffective otherwise.


How many sessions will it take?


I recommend 3-5 sessions as it takes 21 days to establish a new habit -- average is three sessions.  Hypnosis is more effective each session you do, as the sub-conscious mind becomes acquainted with the process, and cooperates more effectively and efficiently over time. 


How long are the sessions?


The first will be 2-3 hours and the subsequent sessions  1- 1-½ hrs.


Do you wear contacts?


Hypnosis sessions require you to have your eyes closed for 30 – 45 minutes.  If you cannot do this comfortably wearing your contacts, you would want to bring your case to remove them prior, if having an in-person session.


Phone or Skype sessions:

  • The process is very simple…

  • Intake form will be e-mailed to you prior and you will send back to me before the session to allow my study and preparation for your session and personal challenge.

  • Allow for 2-3 hours where you are totally quiet and have no interruptions.  Be in a peaceful setting, a lounge chair, or in bed with head propped.

  • You have a telephone headset or speakerphone so that you don’t have to hold anything or use Zoom, Skype, etc.and your computer.

  • Before the session we will work together to determine what you wish to let go of and what you would like to replace it with – your words are heard by your sub-conscious – so we use them. This takes 1 – 1½ hrs.

  • The actual Hypnosis session takes about 30-45 minutes and we talk afterward. 

  • I can record an .mp3 file, if you wish with the relaxation and new behavior for you to continue to affirm – which will be just like having another session.  I would ask that you listen to the audio for 21days, or however long you wish to adapt the new behavior.  You might choose to listen before bed each night.  But DO NOT listen in your car!

  • We will work on one challenge at a time and leave 6-weeks between other sessions so that you can integrate effectively.

  • Habits or challenges are created over time, so patience and praise with self is VERY important.  It won’t happen overnight, but with attention and self-love, it does happen

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