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Intuitive Transformational & Transpersonal Health Coaching

FREE 15-Minute Phone or Zoom Consultation Recommended Prior to Session

Butterfly of Change and Transformative Union

Sessions available Skype / Zoom & Phone

C  reating a new picture for your life in an

O pen and accepting atmosphere that is both

A  ction and soul oriented, and helps you to create
 hanges leading to wonderful life transformations that
H  onor you and what you need and want from life from the
I   nside out -- not what others decide, and where there is
N  o end to what you can create and unlimited
G   rowth!

If you wish to use the PayPalMe link, please contact me first for a free consultation and to book your session.
Also note the limited amount of hours I am currently available on the "Book Online" page.

Intuitive - If we have a free, 15-minute consultation before the first session, and I get an idea of the challenges you are facing, then sit with it for a day or two; generally, I am guided to some very beneficial information to share -- yet, takes a bit of time for that wisdom to emerge. In this way, later sessions become more powerful.

Transformational - Pulling the carrot out by the root, rather than continually pulling the tops off and having them grow back, is much more beneficial toward forward movement and profound internal growth.

Transpersonal - means "beyond the personal" or you might say the energetic, spiritual, or soul part of who we are.

What is a "psyche" really? Isn't that what psychologists take care of? Well, it ought to be, and sometimes it is -- depending on the people involved. However, sadly, it hasn't been as much in our world as it ought to be due to the separation of church and state. Psychologists have been primarily trained on the physical and mental aspects of humanity. It's becoming better, however, emotions are thought of as only coming from the brain (used interchangeably with the word mind), and spirituality is often left for religion. Yet, particularly at this time, it seems we need to have our own deeper connection with the spiritual realm and consider the terms "mind" and "brain" a little more deeply.

This is the dictionary description:   psy·che1 | ˈsīkē | noun the human soul, mind, or spirit.

In Buddhism, the mind is considered a larger consciousness or awareness outside the body. In the West, it is often used interchangeably with the word brain. Hence if mindfulness did not mean a larger consciousness outside of the self, it would be mindlessness -- or getting out of our brains and more into our hearts.

Therefore the psyche is predominantly the inward, unseen, energetic, spiritual parts of who we are. The transpersonal -- or beyond the personal. So why do we medicate our psyche? How does it help to remedy something not on the physical level?  Shouldn't the solution be on the same level as the problem

​If you are truly ready for transformation on the deepest of levels ~ holistic union within ~

you've arrived in the right place.  

What I provide:

Not just a run-of-the-mill life coach, but a catalyst for transformation, I offer to our co-creative dialogue:

  • A personal energy which appears to light up whatever thoughts, feelings, or beliefs are hidden and seeking healing and integration.

  • A safe, non-judgmental, compassionate & empathetic environment, where clients are truly heard and honored as divine creators.

  • In-depth questions to find the best answers, which are always within.

  • The space for open and heart-felt communication to align with your soul's highest probabilities and possibilities.

  • Discovering your natural, in-born gifts, talents, and strengths to find expression in the external world.

  • Introduction to tools and systems to enable a greater intuitive development and connection within.

  • Strengthening of your internal foundation, enabling you to zoom inward, and therefore, forward in your soul's greatest growth.

  • Support and motivation as we align your intentions with your actions.

  • To help you enough that you no longer need my assistance.

We start right where you are now and create the clarity and confidence necessary to stand in the power of your true, authentic soul self, power, and purpose.


You Create!


Without a strong connection to our soul / higher self / higher power, it can become very confusing to create the best outcome from the challenging experiences we all have at times. It is equally challenging to create in a white room with a white crayon. We create through contrast – both dark / light. Neither is "bad" or "good", it's truly what we choose to do with what we are given. However, through our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, we are indeed creators! If you are ready to commit to going more deeply within. To honestly see, feel, and heal to allow for reconnect and embody the highest version of yourself, outside of judgment...


The Light is On - Transformative Union

I am here to support and invite you into my sacred space.

I look forward to our greatest co-creation!

Health / Life Coaching for the Physical-Mental-Emotional- Spiritual and Relational; Hypnotherapy; Art & Energy Therapy; Sunrider Products

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