Transformative Union Holistic Health Services Information

 Transformative Union strives to inspire and empower holistic living ~ co-creating synergy between the

physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to bring about more health, happiness, and deep personal peace.

 Rather than the traditional disease centered focus,  a client-centered approach is used, 

addressing the whole person rather than simply symptoms.

Transformative Union Offers FREE 15 minute Consultations


It's a challenge to split these services -- which are meant to bring more wholeness and less separation, into categories and names, when they all work so well together -- in union. Therefore, I prefer to use all these techniques together -- a little from here... a little from there -- depending on my client, the way they learn and process information, what they are comfortable with and intuiting they need, etc. The longer you work with me, the more I can tune-into you... it doesn't take me that long -- 1-2 sessions -- to really see your style and sync with the best methods to empower you.


Any therapy is best accomplished with a set of 3-5 sessions. You can use all your sessions for one therapy or mix them. By scheduling one of my packages, you've made a strong intention to TRANSFORM your life -- which increases the potency of the sessions.


It's my intention that my clients learn to listen to the part of themselves that's been long denied and untrusted in this world ~ the personal emotional and spiritual connection.  Because when we live from the wholeness of who we truly are -- our lives can transform in a beautiful way and that energy will ripple outward across the Earth to align others also.


First sessions can be 1-1/2 - 3 hours long to allow for information gathering and paperwork.

Following sessions are generally 45 minutes to an hour. 

Distance energetic clearing / healing / balancing sessions are 30 - 45 min. long.  with 15 minutes of spiritual coaching following.

Time to fly free?

Transformative Union is here ~

not to keep you coming back for more help

but to deeply empower you to be more

of who you really are!

SPIRITUAL SERVICES:  WHY NOT FREE?   The $$ million dollar $$ question.


1.  We all know that we do not value or guard as well those things given as free versus those we pay for with our hard earned money. By pricing my services, I ensure that my clients are committed to invest in a very transformative process that could alter their life, possibly profoundly. It's all about our priorities... "Can I skip latte's or going out every Saturday for pizza and beer for a few weeks to pay for this?" In this way, we are showing Spirit we value ourselves and this helps Spirit validate that idea for us.  "God helps them who helps themselves" and "As a man thinketh... feeleth... believeth... so is he."


2.  It's necessary at times for Spirit to have some kind of intermediary to transmit through, and I work as a conduit. I show clients how to

do energy clearing for themselves after a series of sessions, if they choose ~ highly encouraging personal power and connection. However,

it's not as relaxing of a process, and even those who've done energy clearing / healing work for many years, like myself, like to relax and reach out for assistance once in a while. Know that the healing is FREE -- and that you are paying for my time / energy as your facilitator.


3.  If we agree in advance and I actually need or want something you have, we can exchange. Chickens, vegetables, herbs, or other items were used by the tribe or village to pay medicine people of the past. However, bartering can be a difficult process online (sending chickens through the mail isn't always that easy) and they are hard to use to pay my electric bill with, when that's what I need. Like everyone else that has life's work: a doctor, builder, dentist, accountant, musician, artist, etc., I must also be compensated to continue to be available to provide what I'm best at doing and keep my passion for assisting clients strong.


Money is only a means of energetic exchange!


Tough Love Disclaimer:   My gift is my ability to get to the core fast -- so if you are someone who just wishes (consciously or not) to complain or blame -- your parents, job / employer, the government, your partner, or your experiences -- rather than be willing to embrace your empowered creatorship, I'm probably not the person for you.

However, if you know you continue beyond physical death and are willing to work with that part of you ~ your highest self (soul)  taking complete account-ability for your life ~ past, present, and future... we can create magic!


All of my work is based on guiding others through sacred transformations and into more union with The Divine, both within and without.

I have the greatest respect for your privacy, safety, and empowerment. You are my highest priority in our time together.

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