Transformative Union - Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

Sessions available Skype / Facetime, etc.   (preferable for video) & Phone

Do you...




  • Desire help navigating energetic (emotional, mental, spiritual) terrain?

  • Feel you have a soul mission or purpose -- and choose to more fully embody it?

  • Know you are the one that creates everything in your life?

  • Wish to step into your power and sovereignty to create a life more authentic?

and / or...

  • Are you ready and willing to surrender and allow the Soul part of you to embody within... to truly BE THAT LOVE on Earth now when your love is so desperately needed?

sov·er·eign - "possessing supreme or ultimate power: acting or done independently and without outside interference"

More Separation or More Union?


It can be challenging to create what we truly desire on Earth without that strong connection to the energetic or spiritual realm from which we came. We've been trained to connect more through outside sources... our religion, a psychic, what our family says or believes, etc., rather than that striving for, growing, and maintaining our own one-on-one connection through our heart. It is my deepest desire to empower myself, and others, to make and strengthen that connection daily. We come in as sovereign, but connected beings and it feels best we leave this Earth plane sovereign, but connected, also.



However, regardless of who we are... at certain junctures of our lives, we all need others to help us become more connected to our self, spirit, and others. Unlike Transformational Life Coaching, these sessions start with opening sacred space -- connecting and co-creating in union with the client's higher power, higher self, and personal guidance team.  



Being a transformational change agent, catalyst, oracle, a highly sensitive transmitter / receiver, and new conciousness guide, I do not hold myself above -- but equal.  In any of my sessions, I listen carefully -- helping you to guide yourself toward the return of your angelic human self while here on Earth. It is my dream that all of us establish a deep and grounded spiritual union with the highest version of ourselves ~ our souls, the Infinite first, and THEN others so that we may create Heaven on Earth.  





Everything operates best in a balanced state.  Sometimes we must be inside / out and sometimes outside / in. Sometimes we need to see our light and sometimes our darkness -- our shadow. For me, achieving this as a beautiful and smooth dance is the outcome of really tuning into and being our authentic, vulnerable, heart-connected self. 



We live in a world of contrast.  As evidenced by the pictures below, even the most balanced light beings have both light (masculine) and dark (feminine) energies or sides. We were not given a white room and a white crayon from which to create in this life and having no contrast would stop our growth. It is only through the darkness that we can perceive the light and visa versa and it is only our choices about how we wish to view our experiences and create our lives from what we are being given in the moment, that's important.  



Whatever you have been through, or are going through now, I will honor your experience without judgment so that you might also. When we stop judging ourselves -- we will stop judging others. When we strive to BE LOVE -- rather than be IN LOVE -- we can have good relationships.

Nancy's Guide in the purple orb -- picture on left.  Close up of him on right. 

We continue on after death as energy:   light, color, sound. 

We must take care of the energy part of us here also!



Are you ready to achieve union with the highest part of who you truly are? 

If so...  let's pull your oxygen mask down first -- I will help -- and then you may choose to assist others.



We can and will change this world -- one loving and connected heart at a time!

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