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 "Healing means making whole and very often in our culture, it's confused with curing ~ which brings in an outside medicine or surgery to interfere with the inner process. As I see it, healing is allowing our psyche to work with us to bring wholeness to our being."                                Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst    

This isn't your everyday energy therapy ~ this is a deeper dive into you!

These sessions work at their absolute best when combined with a bit of transformational life or spiritual coaching to truly integrate your intentions around the transformation and integration into the wholeness you are seeking.

I provide a FREE 15-minute consultation for all new clients and 15 -30 minutes following every session to discuss the energetic movement that has taken place and assist you in integrating it effectively into this very physical and mental world.

(More on why the unseen "spiritual" or "energy" based work is not free below.)

Energetic Therapy -- Transformative Union


Energy Clearing / Balancing

with Coaching

FREE 15 MIN -- No Obligation --


Prior to Making Appointment

Package Prices ~ Invest in your Health

- Sessions held within 1-3 days apart - 

5 session package $300


3 session package $210

Single Session $80

The first session can take 1-2 hrs.

based on the client.


$55 for a single session

If you wish to use the PayPalMe link, please contact me first for a free consultation and to book your session. Note the limited amount of hours I am currently available on the "Book Online" page.

E nvisioning your life from a larger heart and soul perspective,

N ow while in a physical vessel.

E motional, mental, spiritual, and physical creators, who with the right tools can produce
R adical transformations as a portion of a
G reater
Y ou Niverse!

H onoring who you truly are
E nergetically at your core.

A lways and forever a

L oving and divine creator, who in
T  rust of your inner wisdom, can create

Health beyond what you imagined possible!

A good movie about this is The Living Matrix. It's available on Amazon. GAIA, etc. or at the filmmaker's website:

     22 Years Experience!    


   Clear Away the Energy That's Keeping You

From Your  Magnificence!!    

What makes my practice unique and our co-creation effective:

ALL Energy Sessions include

FREE 15 min. Intuitive Coaching!


Energy Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length -
1 hr. with communication afterward ~ via Skype or phone

The first session can take one to two hours

for intake of information/discussion/coaching (based on the client.)

True change happens from the inside / out ~ not the outside / in

(through another person, circumstance, etc.) ~

which is the way we've been culturally conditioned.

For transformation to occur in our lives,

we must transform our energy

~ thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or actions ~

into wholeness.

All work is all directed by you, from within!


I don't fix, repair, cure, heal, or remove energies that you

aren't done working with or ready to remove!

I assist you in eliminating energies you've already worked through, which are still in your energy field, and assist you in moving others with a change of perspective.

I also teach how to listen to your body, heart, mind, and soul on a deeper level -- to clear the root or core of the challenge --

and to work with, not against, what is.


It isn't me doing the healing.

It is you!

This is achieving energetic integration/wholeness.

3 Session Client Testimonial


It’s amazing what Nancy can do with energy. I was going through a difficult time and thanks to her broad understanding, my clarity was recovered after 3 sessions!


She worked the magic while I relaxed on my couch. Closing my eyes, I felt a beam of light going from my feet, up to my sacral chakra and solar plexus. I had a bit of discomfort there and could feel the energy working on old layers of emotions. Literally, I felt that weight of fears and worries and old issues seem to leave my body. The abdomen felt better, and the plexus chakra was now filled with light. I felt peaceful, my whole body vibrating as the energies were cleansing my chakras, making them all new again. Nancy was so skilled and gentle that with her assistance I was able to release old blockages that I’d never suspected were even there! She suggested I drink plenty of water, be gentle with myself and rest a lot, as this experience can be intensely transformational and the body needs time to integrate. 


After each session, it felt like puzzle pieces falling into place. I felt more in tune with myself. I had a deeper, better sleep. I am now ready to let the good things of my life flow to me naturally. Nancy has helped me "weed out" the bad and make room for the new.


I would recommend Nancy to anyone who likes having their soul pampered. It’s like going to the spiritual beauty salon and coming out all rejuvenated. I will certainly do it again!


Thank you so much Nancy for showing me the path back to myself!  

                                                                                ~ Alexia, Switzerland     

  An illustration of who we truly are beyond our physical bodies. 

Energetic / Spiritual Bodies Diagram Transformative Union

WHY NOT FREE?   The $$ million dollar $$ question.


1.  We all know that we do not value or guard as well those things given as free versus those we pay for with our hard-earned money. By pricing my services, I ensure that my clients are committed to investing in a very transformative process that could alter life, possibly profoundly. It's all about our priorities... "Can I skip latte's or to go out every Saturday for pizza and beer for a few weeks to pay for this?" In this way, we are showing Spirit we value ourselves and this helps Spirit validate that idea for us. "God helps them, who helps themselves." and "As a man thinketh... feeleth... believeth... so is he." I work as a receiver or transmitter -- conduit --for Great Spirit. How much is that worth to you?


2.  I always show those clients who are interested, how to do this for themselves, however, it's more relaxing to allow yourself to be pampered. Know that energy is free -- you are paying for my time/energy as your facilitator -- only until you learn how to do this for yourself.


3.  If we agree in advance and I actually need or want something you have, we can barter. Chickens, vegetables, herbs, or other items were used by the tribe or village to pay the medicine people of the past. However, bartering can be a difficult process online [sending chickens through the mail isn't always that easy] and hard to use to pay my electric bill when that is what I need. Like everyone else that has life's work: a doctor, builder, dentist, accountant, musician, artist, etc., I must also be compensated to continue to be available to provide what I'm best at doing and keep my passion for assisting clients strong.


Money is a means of energetic exchange.

This isn't your everyday energy healing ~ this is a deeper dive into you!


Common challenges with energy therapy are:


  • Many, in our current "take a pill" culture engage in energy healing desiring to be "fixed." My work isn't "healing," or "fixing," because you are not broken! It's more of an integration of old stuck energies -- more of balancing within the person -- which leads to a lift of energy for them.

  • If the practitioner ~ who is a receiver and transmitter of energy ~ believes they are the one doing the healing, they are not spiritually aligned well enough to allow the energy to flow appropriately.

  • Most importantly, the main blockage to most people truly integrating into the wholeness of themselves is that we've been a primarily masculine or yang dominant culture. Constantly in our physical, mental, DO-ing energies and out of touch with our emotional, spiritual, or BE-ing energies ~ the feminine or yin aspects of ourselves.

True healing only occurs when we are in union ~ or alignment ~ with all levels of who we are: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- at least with the particular challenge we are facing. The "healer" isn't the healer ~ you are! Therefore, the person might have a wonderful experience, but then return back to the same energy ~ thoughts, feelings, and beliefs ~ and the challenge returns. Then they say, "Yes, I tried energy healing. It didn't work."  The key then is going deeper inside to have a deeper experience outside.

Taking responsibility is only using our ability to respond or create. Accountability might be a more palatable phrase, yet regardless of the word, using the power that we've often given away to others is only scary if we are scared of ourselves. Because you have to agree to any healing on a soul -- or deeper -- level, or it cannot occur.

In 2002, I had major healing of scoliosis-related problems, while doing this work on myself. Therefore, I personally understand the conditions necessary for healing to occur and to last. It took most of my life to clear the energy to get ready for the physical healing I had, and I didn't have that much outside help, so I do know what it takes. Mostly it's our feelings, thoughts, or beliefs in the way of wholeness.


At this time on the planet, it can happen so much faster than it did in my case. Particularly if you work with someone, that has real experience healing something physical and large in themselves. Not many practitioners can say that.

If you've tried many things and are now unafraid of self-honesty, taking a deeper dive within,

and most importantly ready to take  back your emotional and spiritual power from the inside/out,

let's work together toward creating a healthier, more whole and peaceful you! 

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