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New Life Can Come About in the Most Amazing Ways!

After attending an energy healing workshop in 2002, I experienced an incredible healing of a long-term chronic health problem after being guided to do some of the work on myself while in meditation right before bed. A year or so later, I took my son to swimming lessons. After his session, I took him to play with a friend and was strongly prompted to drive back to the swimming pool. Asking inside, [Did I leave something there?] The answer was a clear no. [Was there someone there to talk with about something?] Yes. Following my intuition has always one of my strengths. In the larger scheme of things, I realize that the little Nancy - ego/mind/personality self does not know what is best for myself or others. Besides that, after my healing, my intuition had expanded hugely, and I wanted to listen, lest it not diminish.

Upon returning to the pool, I sat in my parked car, taking deep breaths to tune in further. After a few moments, I understood I was being prompted to go back inside and speak to one mother about my reasonably new energy-healing practice. Although this mother struck me as very open, I was extremely nervous about following this intuitive call in a relatively fundamental small town. Twenty years ago, energetic healing was not something commonly discussed. It certainly wasn't addressed at swimming lessons around lots of young moms. Although I am confident in myself as a unique person with much to share, I understand that people learn about things when needed. In the larger scheme of things, I realize that it is not up to me to change anyone but myself. I sat in my car wondering... [How would I talk to her about this without unnecessarily upsetting anyone?] I accept that my path in life is not for everyone, and I want to be respectful. 

Walking into the pool area, this gal was chatting with a large group of mothers. [How would I interrupt their conversation? My mind wanted to know.] With enough deep breaths, I felt if I would trust, stay in the moment, and follow each clue, I would be helped by those who did know what to say and do. Those that guided me there for reasons I did not at all understand.

I tried to chat with her casually, but she wondered where my son was. I told her he was playing with a friend, but I had strongly felt to return rather than racing on home. Attempting to keep my voice low, things just worked out, and the other mothers started talking loudly about something and weren't paying any attention. I said, "It's strange – but I felt strongly to come back and talk to you about this healing work I'm doing now." I said, "Are you, or someone you know, having some kind of health problem?" I felt relieved and validated when she confided that she'd been praying for a resolution to something, and at that moment, she felt strongly this was the answer. She said she'd call to make an appointment. I told her it was unnecessary to share what it was with me, but if she felt like sharing, she could when she came to the first appointment. I recommended three sessions.

Amazed at how Spirit uses us to be angel messengers for one another – if we listen carefully, I drove off wondering if she would call. Several days later, she did and shared with me that she and her husband had two girls but wanted one more child – hopefully a boy. She said she'd been unable to conceive and had tried many things. Making an appointment for later in the week, I let go of whether she would get what she'd requested. I knew she would receive whatever was in her highest and best good, that I was just the instrument for whatever that gift might be, and I needed to accept and trust ~ let go ~ and also guide her to do so. So that is what I did.

During the session, she had a brief but sharp pain in her reproductive system and felt something had been adjusted. Just a day or two later, I got a phone call from her. She said, "My husband and I were intimate, and I had that SAME temporary pain I had during the session. So I told him, I know I'm pregnant!" Her husband responded, "You couldn't know that." I grinned from ear to ear at her impressive confidence in her inner knowing when she told him, "YES, I do know -- and you wait and see!" Well, sure enough, that was the night, and she ended up not only having one son but another after that.

One day, I saw her in town, and she mentioned being pregnant for the second time after delivering that first boy she'd requested. It almost sounded like she was blaming me for it. Or perhaps, like me, after my miraculous healing, she was having difficulty processing it all. I laughed at that and said, "Well, I guess once you were repaired, it was time to use protection." I try to explain to my clients that it is not ME (Nancy -- the ego -- personality -- human self) that does the healing. The healing comes from a higher place from those who know what is correct for the person and their path -- I do not know these things. The healing is free because it is not coming from me. My clients only pay for my time to be the conduit for them and have the opportunity -- as I do -- to experience a deeper level of trust in their connection to spirit through it.

Life can be amazing when we stay open and childlike and follow the clues given by Spirit on how to lighten up what has become too heavy to carry. I have been trained in Life, Spiritual, and Nutritional Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Distance Energetic Therapy, Emotional Release Work, MARI, and Art Therapy. In addition, I have been gifted with a great intuition that seems to work best when I help and serve others -- not myself. Together, we can co-create your best life!

Every day is a new chance

to create a new life.

Here's to a transformed new you!

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