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Chronicles of Transformation
  Paying tribute to cocoon & butterfly times

Holistic Health Services

Please See Services Sub-Pages For Deeper Information


Offered From the Comfort of Your Home ~ Computer, Phone and/or Spirit Connect

FREE initial consultations and introductory energetic clearing sessions for new clients​

Blue Butterfly on Flower - Transformative Union

Conscious Co-Creative Communication to assist you in achieving deeper Union with your divine spiritual self FIRST ~ and then with others. A flip from the more common way of others first


Although these modalities are spiritual in nature, they are not a religion and there is nothing to believe or not believe ~ no dogma. They are, however, all about listening, reconnecting, and more fully trusting your connection with God, Goddess, The Divine, The Infinite, Creator, Source (you choose the best word for you) that is always and in all ways there for each of us. In truth, most find these modalities take them from a mostly intellectual connection with their religion ~ deeper into the experience of it.

Energetic Clearing Balancing Transformative Union

Energetic Clearing, Healing, Balancing


  • Can you approach health & wholeness from your original child-like state of openness and wonder? 

  • Do you see yourself as a creator being (Child of God) who can change your life by shifting your energy?

  • Are you ready and willing to let go of that which you no longer need?

  • When we are finished, would you like to learn how to do this for yourself?


If you are open, these sessions can be combined easily with Intuitive Spiritual Coaching or Intuitive Development to enable you to identify things ready to release or be more sensitive on an energy level to prevent issues before they manifest physically.

Lotus Blossom of Transformative Union

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching


  • Are you open to another way to approach life challenges?

  • Do you wish to more deeply connect or reconnect with the Infinite (Divine, God / Goddess, Creator Universe -- you choose the word) and that infinite part of you to work with and through you?

  • Are you open to growing from your challenges and then setting your intentions consciously and clearly?


Rather than me "telling", I ask and introduce tools that will help you tune-in to empower yourself to be the sovereign human angel creator you are!



Choosing the Key - Transformative Union
Beginning Medical Intuitive Training ~ Intuitive Development


  • Are you intersted in learning methods to hone your intuition and hear yourself better on all levels ~ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ~ and bring all those levels into sync?

  • Do you feel in touch with your emotions?    Would you like to uncover some possibly deeply held ones and release where you are holding them in your physical body for greater health and well-being?  


Understanding how to hear ourselves and those in Spirit who are there to love, guide, and assist can bring so much greater energy, peace, and happiness.  Listen... and more will be shown to you.


As it's my primary intention to empower you to more deeply connect and create wholeness in yourself,  the three modalities above work very well together and sessions can be combined... 1/2 hr. clearing -- 1/2 hr. coaching or intuitive development.




As with all my services, when you no longer need my assistance, I've done my job well.

Meditative Environment - Transformative Union
Transformational Life Coaching


Life Coaching


  • Do you desire communication with someone who will truly listen and ask YOU questions enabling you to more consciously create your life? 

  • Have you been through some kind of life transformation: loss, grief, heartbreak, health issue, etc.  and are ready to move forward? 

  • Do you feel stuck somewhere in your life, but want to find your own answers from within?


All of your answers are within and just need to be brought out with skilled questions -- deep inquiry. 



Visualization, imagination, and awareness combine to achieve the state necessary to release deep sub-conscious patterns.


Hypnotherapy works well for:

  • Stress / Anxiety

  • Fears / Phobias

  • Grief

  • PTSD / Trauma

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic Pain

  • Weight Loss, Body Issues, Eating Disorders

  • Addictive Habits (Smoking, Drinking, etc.)

  • Preparing for Surgery

  • Dental or Needle Anxiety

  • Anything for which you are seeking balance, including:

  • Childhood or Past Lives (Regression)

Nutrition / Lifestyle Coaching


  • Ready to learn how to tune into YOUR OWN body's personal needs and determine what foods are right for you so that you can have the highest energy possible?

  • Want to give your body premium-grade fuel and easily let go of addictions to sugar, processed food, etc.?


Learn how to cleanse your body of the toxins that are making you crave unhealthy things and intuitively "tune-in" on a deeper level to what is RIGHT FOR YOU.


You can absolutely change the energy level you currently have in your life so that getting up in the morning feels exciting.




Healthy Slenderness Workshops available to groups and can be scheduled through my contact page.  More information to be posted about this at a later date.

Whole Food Smoothies - Transformative Union

Mental / Emotional


Whole Foods - Transformative Union
Whole Foods 1 - Transformative Union

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Emotional Release Flower Essence Therapy - Transformative Union
Emotional Release
Flower Essence Therapy


Emotional Release often occurs when clients are willing to be in deep trust and vulnerability during a variety of sessions.  By no longer resisting feelings we may have distanced from long ago, release naturally occurs and impacts their life hugely.



Flower essences were developed first in our culture in the 1930s by English physician Edward Bach.  Flower essences can be used and combined for very effective mitigation of any emotional, mental, or spiritual (energetic) challenge.


Do you wish to find an effective way to choose the correct remedy?  Are you open enough to try something really natural for sleep, depression, anxiety, etc.?  

Calli Tea - Sunrider - Transformative Union
Sunrider Products


  • Are you looking for extremely healthy whole foods that taste great and are easy to eat "on the go" for your fast paced life? 

  • Do you want more life force energy to enable your body to regenerate at a cellular level? 

  • Are you done believing that the latest fad food is going to solve all your challenges and recognize that your body needs a myriad of different nutritional components to feed all your systems at once? 

  • Are you looking for easily digestible, and enzymatically intact food with the highest nutrition available? 

  • Are you looking to cleanse, nourish, and balance your body on a continual basis? 

4-7 pounds of whole food is concentrated to 1 lb. by extracting the "nectar" of the herbs (oil and water soluable nutrients) and eliminating indigestable bulk.  Nutrition that's approx. 7x stronger than most herbal food on the market.

In Union ~ There is Great Transformation!

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