Our Deep Need for Nature Time


Oh... my wings are so heavy

sometimes, she says.

I just don't know what to do.

I want to fly... to soar...

I want to show you that you can too,

but my wings make it difficult if I stay inside too often.

Some days I want to give up flight,

to just curl up on the floor in the fetal position ...

but when I get outside, in nature,

everything changes... my mood,

my wings become lighter, and

all of life becomes wonderful again.


My friend, Flower of Life,

helps me to remember the sacredness in all living things,

especially when I can't get outside to see the pattern myself.

He's always telling me to "lighten up".

I try to tell him that my wings aren't heavy outside,

only when I feel trapped inside this box-like structure that these humans live in -- but he doesn't understand.

There just really isn't any way to compare our experiences. We are both so unique -- just like the humans. We always talk about how they are like individual snowflakes... that no two are the same -- they are all so beautiful... they just can't see it in themselves or in the others.

Go outside more -- so your wings don't feel so heavy

and you can re-charge your sacred pattern.

Please see yourself as the unique & Divine being you are.

We love you!

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