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The Mystical Beauty of Atlantis Through Poetry

I'm still slowly and steadily working on Parts 2-4 of "Unlocking the Power Within." Meanwhile, I felt to post some of my amateur poetry.

Antediluvian Garden of Eden spiral of Atlantis –

A winding, meandering coil circuitous –

extolled by Donovan, Donnelly, and Plato,

contains personal and collective shadow.


As Donovan's melody reverberates –

mermen and maidens, King Neptune and The Fates

nightly guide my oceanic underwater breaths

as we travel within unconscious secret depths.


Heading my twisting vortex backward in time –

to see, feel, heal, and climb –

beyond the fathomless unconscious ruts –

gathering and recovering deep secrets.


Making my way full circle,

back through shadowy timestamped rubble.

Repairing the old by facing it long last.

I chuckled when criticized, "Let go of the past."


Healing more profoundly than most can imagine.

Rising above the unconscious soul dungeon.

Beyond the childhood nightmares of vampiric stalking.

I live by the motto, "When in hell, keep on walking."


The feminine principle is deeply buried in the ocean.

The past no longer traveled in a flowing spiral motion –

since now –


we live in squares.


© Nancy Anderson - 2021

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