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Unlocking the Power Within - PART 1: Energy Healing and Transformation

Personal Energy Healing Transformation

In 2001, upon confidently and loudly asking for assistance with health issues - primarily digestive, following two surgeries - I was strongly guided to an energy healing workshop. It was a little "out there" for me then - primarily because of my religious training. However, whenever I'd say, "I want to feel better," or pray, "Thank you for guiding me to feel better," I would hear," Get to the workshop!" My inner teachers/guides had to send some additional engaging and synchronistic experiences to get me to sign up. Finally, an entire year later - three months before my 44th birthday - I convinced my husband to accompany me on a road trip to Portland, Oregon. He could go hiking with his best friend from high school while I went to the workshop. He wasn't likely the best candidate for emotional/spiritual hand-holding. Still, he believed that "God" was more of an energy than a white man sitting on a throne - the narrative of a God made in the image of man rather than the reverse - that I'd been indoctrinated with. He had been less religiously programmed, so he didn't make this difficult for me - at least at first. Besides, it was his birthday month, and he deserved time off work, and we deserved some time away together. Our three-year-old son was a bundle of energy and talk and would spend the long weekend with his much older brother, who was 24. It was a win-win for all of us, as my two sons didn't see each other often but were very close.

Energetically connecting with The Infinite

During the workshop, I could feel something shifting within in all positive ways. Three days after returning home, I was strongly guided to do some energy healing work on myself while meditating before going to bed - a stress-reduction routine I'd begun several months earlier. We often pray to ask for answers or to express gratitude, but meditation is not something most do in the West. Meditating is for deep listening - and for me, being quiet and breathing deeply - was like riding an old and loved bicycle, ridden many times yet put into storage for 43++ years.

Scoliosis was diagnosed at age 25 and worsened after giving birth at 39. I felt dismayed to see my left shoulder way lower than my right and a dowager's hump starting to form. However, I would have never imagined anything could be done with an "S" curve in my upper back and neck. You can't move bones. The new problem following the workshop was that I couldn't sit up straight to meditate. To do the healing on myself, I had to activate my hands as the instructor taught, but in this case, I had to place my forearms way down on my thighs - an uncomfortable posture to meditate in. He'd also taught us that this healing comes through the eyes, but I close my eyes to meditate. So, well, "I'll stare at that spot on the shower curtain," I thought. I'll date myself in saying that I felt like an Ed Sullivan contortionist. Regardless, I was in the space of trust, present in the moment of the doing, and events unfolded rapidly.

Sitting cross-legged on the bathroom floor, wedged between the sink and bathtub, a mighty voice - which felt my soul speaking through me as the words did not go through my brain - commanded firmly and powerfully, "I WANT TO SIT UP STRAIGHT!" On some level, I understood that it all came from a connection with The Infinite (God/ dess, Love, Universe, Creator, All That Is, The Divine, Source, etc. - you choose your word). Yet, I had no idea what would occur and wasn't overthinking it. It happened so fast, and a lot of love energy was present. An unseen being pushed me on my left shoulder - another on the right. Physically, I felt fingertips. They made my body rock like a metronome - the movement so precise that I couldn't create it myself. A powerful force opened and rose from the base of my spine, moved up in an "s" shape, and swirled around my head. I felt a divine love present, so there wasn't much to feel confused about, nor was there time. It only lasted a couple of minutes.

My husband was in bed. I needed to talk about it, but when I told him, his eyes glazed over; he seemed disinterested and only wanted to sleep. I couldn't do anything about that, so I sighed, rolled over, and slept. The following morning, I was overwhelmed at first glance of myself in the mirror. My entire countenance was lighter and brighter. I said internally to the new person looking at me, "Wow, you look great!" Still, I had no idea what had happened. After showering and fixing my hair, I pulled the extension mirror away from the wall to look at the back of my hair and saw my shoulders were both even and level, and the hump was gone. No, my bones did not move and are still curved. However, the muscles hold everything together differently, and I no longer have debilitating migraines from the scoliosis. Later, when I would ask what happened, I would consistently hear the word "kundalini." Online, I read that some thought it evil - of the devil - but there was nothing wrong or controlling about what I experienced. Just relief, more inner peace, and joy. I wondered, "If it is evil, why is it shown in the symbol of healing - the caduceus - hanging in many doctors' offices?" To this day - 22 years later - I may one day thoroughly read a book on kundalini. I have not felt the need. It was a divine love event and something there is just too little of.

Many other notable experiences unfolded after that time - both on my healing journey and with clients. Some were highly positive, and some very challenging, but all led to positive growth and transformation. I can share some fantastic and inspirational stories when the situation is correct. However, this post intended to open the conversation about the benefits of understanding energy. This topic will only become more commonplace as we move forward in time. It IS time. If you are still with me, let's go deeper.

Separation / Connection - Transform in Union

With all the internal and external conflict occurring now, humanity appears divided. In addition, without a balance between the ever-increasing technology and a personal spiritual connection, our future seems less than bright. We need to reconnect and work together during massive change. Yet, how do we make the necessary transformations and achieve union within ourselves, our relationships, our country, and the world?

We've been conditioned to look outside ourselves - to politicians, other leaders, partners, friends, or family - to make the correct transformations for us. Yet, that only sometimes works and is not our best strategy since we are ultimately the only ones we can change. Seeing the world from an external rather than internal view can often lead to victimhood, blame, and judgment of ourselves and others -- leading to more separation. We've also been conditioned to have a solid human identity (ego) - or worldly idea of who we are - versus a spiritual or energetic one. We often care more about our human identity and physical appearance than energetic or internal authenticity. However, by knowing who we are energetically or spiritually at our core and going inward to connect or reconnect with The Infinite, we can also know we are connected with everyone. Then, we can better interpret the valuable messages given to each of us within to make better choices about what is in the highest and best of all concerned. Spiritual connection is a deeply personal experience that varies significantly from person to person. It involves connecting with one's inner self and a higher power through meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. What is "mindfulness?" It's not us going more in the mind (interchangeable,e word for brain as we think of it in the West), but more of the Buddhist "mind" - a larger consciousness or awareness. This connection can provide a sense of purpose, peace, and fulfillment to ripple outwardly. Once we balance and heal ourselves, we balance and heal the world. All we need is openness, self-honesty, and a willingness to tune in our inner radio to the one authentic Infinite energy inside every one of us. This practice brings more self-awareness each time we partake. It also helps us make decisions that are in our highest and best good, which is always best for everyone. In addition, loving relationships are essential for humanity, and I will discuss that topic in more detail in the next segment. For this article, what is essential to know is that the world will balance and heal once we do. The good thing is that it only takes some people doing their deep inner or energetic work for a positive shift to occur for everyone. Will you be one of them? That is a question only you can answer, but it's impossible without the correct frame of reference.

A Human Having Few Spiritual Experiences - Or A Spirit (Energy) Having Many Human Experiences?

As evidenced by those reporting "out of body" experiences - both in the dream state and "near death" - and also those who firmly believe in a "heaven" (or whatever word they would call it), we continue onward in some form after leaving our physical bodies. Most people who believe in The Infinite know we exist past death. However, they rarely identify what part of us continues.

In addition, when we become too busy doing, doing, doing, we often say we are "out of energy." My mother used to say jokingly that she was "out of gas." So, it stands to reason that energy IS our authentic self. Therefore, can we more easily raise our energy back to who we indeed are - to prevent disease - than we currently believe as a society? My short answer from experience is absolutely! However, we must understand how.

If we are physical (body sensation), emotional (feelings), mental (thoughts), and spiritual (intuitions or beliefs), that means 3/4 of ourselves is made up of energy, and only 1/4 of us is physical. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to keep our focus on physical transformations rather than the energetic first. Now, I'm not saying that sometimes challenges are only physical. If we got hit by a bus, our physical body would need immediate attention. Yet, for preventative health, it makes sense to include the core or spiritual (energy) essence of ourselves for the most profound and longest-lasting health transformations. Also, to sort what is genuinely ours from what we've picked up or were given through familial, religious, or social conditioning. The more positive way forward then seems to be integrating the inner with the outer to create wholeness so we are more prepared as we move into more complex times. If we've been a more outer than inner-driven society, then it stands to reason that we may have to go within first more to balance. More than ever before, this is what many are doing.

The spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti said, "The only hope for humankind is in the transformation of the individual," and "Without freedom from conditioning, humanity will always remain a prisoner, and life will remain a battlefield." After being in a very outward-driven world for a long time, the polarizing, dualistic black/white view we've been conditioned with often creates judgment for ourselves and others. We swing from one end of the pendulum to another, creating internal and external battlefields ripe with judgment, criticism, and blame of ourselves and others. However, we can walk off that battlefield hand in hand now. All it takes is more focus on the inner than the outer until we find our center.

An inside/out life view differs significantly from outside/in - or how we've done it for a long time. Healing this way -energy first, rather than physical first - may seem challenging, yet it's not if we contemplate some basic principles. Rather than seeing responsibility for our energy as a curse, seeing it as a blessing means we get to take back our most incredible Infinite-given power. Also, rather than thinking in black/white terms and shifting entirely from outside/in to inside/out - we shoot for the center. We don't stop taking care of our physical body but focus more often on how we energetically create physical challenges for our learning and growth and how to uncreate them.

Beautiful lotus blossom rises out of the mud

We Are Not Broken - Only Must Wipe Old Mud Off

We are all like a beautiful lotus blossom at our core. Yet, arriving on Earth, we are planted in the mud. We can also have mud slung at us, rub against familial or ancestral mud and take it with us, and/or wallow in the mud for a time or life. Our spirit/soul finds experience and growth fun and does not judge our choices. However, by learning from, growing with, and removing this mud, we can see, find, and feel our true core or soul essence shining through.

Twelve years after my initial profound healing experience, I was given more information about my particular brand of mud that caused the scoliosis and many other wounds. I learned what I'd done over my life to release the held energy (feelings, thoughts, beliefs) so The Infinite could do their part. Having a spiritual roto-rooter and significant healing of my physical body that science would say impossible, I was good with it. Feeling more love inside myself daily, I didn't feel I needed to understand the mechanics. My questions were more like: How did this happen to and through me? Why me and not others? How could it happen to others? Should it? Later, in my 60s, I discovered I'd become known as "the energy lady" in my small community. I thought it funny. We all are energy (spiritual) beings! Learning more about who we are could change the world for the better.

Woman Using Energy Therapy for Healing

Challenges and Keys to Energetic Success

We've been mainly focused on life's physical and mental aspects, ignoring deeper emotional, mental, and spiritual elements and expecting that to work toward wholeness. However, that is living as human doings rather than as human beings. Then we wonder why our world is so broken and strange sometimes. We've been an "I need to do better to feel better" society. However, it seems that experiencing more often, "I need to feel better within, to do better," could balance us further within and ripple to create more planetary balance.

Sadly, we also live in a "take a pill" or something else culture for our physical body, which is seen as a machine - and is somewhat like a car and depends on how we treat it. However, this idea is not translatable to energy therapy, where we must take personal accountability for our growth through energetic changes in our feelings, thoughts, and/or beliefs. I've seen and experienced the holistic health and balance that can come from the client or myself going deep enough to make a shift that remains. I've also witnessed myself, clients, and friends being unwilling to pay more attention to that energy and the resulting less-than-positive outcomes. Please also don't believe that "inner magic" is the kind that gets us any material goods we want, either. That is - often with "The Law of Attraction" - going down a slippery slope of worldly worth and doesn't always translate to a true spiritual journey. Here's a big conditioned truth-busting moment: Our worth has nothing to do with our material success or lack thereof.

The practitioner can point us in the correct direction and move what we've already worked through out of the way for the energy to flow better. They can also suggest ways we use our ability to respond (responsibility, power, or "magic") to move the energy for ourselves by looking more deeply into our energy (feelings/thoughts/beliefs) and not just our physical and mental self. Energy healing/clearing/balancing strengthens our bond with our spiritual, unseen, energetic helpers and Higher Power. Ultimately, we must get the information about the correct person to work with from them. There are many energy healers, but have they done their inner work? What level have they reached? Have they wiped off their inner mud? That's important. The effectiveness of the work is directly proportional to how much inner work the practitioner has done.

Transformation and Change in the 21st Century

Humans don't like to change too much. Some choose to transform very slowly, which is a choice. However, change is increasing globally, and we can do nothing to stop it. If we are willing, what took many years to transform personally and collectively can be instantaneous. At these precarious times, making positive steps toward clearing and growing ourselves means we can "be the change we wish to see in the world."

Navigating more from our hearts, seeing ourselves as more than we can see with our minds and eyes, and accepting our Divine energetic (emotional/spiritual) nature, we recognize that we are all children or pieces of The Infinite ~ of Love. Behaving as such now is our choice and opportunity to create a better world. Embodying the non-dualistic, non-dueling superpowers we didn't know we had, we can return to a world where it feels we are of one heart - but we must each choose to rise above separation!

When we all see ourselves as Divine Creators,

there is nothing we can’t heal!

Energetic Alignment

The website is Transformative Union.

My path, and a journey for everyone to choose to "Be the change we wish to see in the world."

Consider doing your internal work for all of us during this time of significant internal and external war. If you have done much already, but you know there is more, I tend to be able to light up deeper aspects, enabling them to be seen more clearly.

Thank you for visiting my energetic home!

Links to some of my healing tools are below if you are interested.

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Nov 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a timely and important message. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom regarding the inward journey. Looking forward to reading Part II!


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